Richmond, VA 2016-17 Winners

Richmond Winners Image.jpg


Award Name
Recipient Name
Studio Name
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipSophie Suleskyvalley dance theatre
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipShelbi LeeJ'adore DANCE
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipBrenna SermaniaDanceland II School of Dance
Retter's Audition ScholarshipAlyssa GainesC & C Dance Company
Retter's Audition ScholarshipAvery CampbellNo Limits Dance Center
Retter's Audition ScholarshipJordan HayesForest Dance Academy
Audition Regional ScholarshipHaley HeulsmanNew England Dance and Gymnastics Centers
Audition Regional ScholarshipSara VerdiKFORCE Dance Academy
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipAnnie GellesSilhouette Dance
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipAshley SarverDance Kraze
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipJessica HutchinsKFORCE Dance Academy
Summer Intensive - HALFJack BeauleDancers Corner
Summer Intensive - FULLCali HollisterSilhouette Dance
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassAva Weasevalley dance theatre
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassKennedi WashingtonJ'adore DANCE
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassMireya LeBronJ'adore DANCE
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassKatie Rose BumbaloJ'adore DANCE
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassLiv KlinglerJ'adore DANCE
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassTerran CrellyC & C Dance Company
Tommy's National Junior ScholarshipOlivia BakerA Leap Above
Tommy's National Teen ScholarshipMorgan Davisvalley dance theatre
Tommy's National Senior ScholarshipDonovan Mellonvalley dance theatre
Erica’s National Junior ScholarshipClaire TaliaferroAllonge Dance Academy
Erica’s National Senior ScholarshipLayshia Fields"Feet of Fire!" Dance Academy
Keith's National Junior ScholarshipMackenzie Smithrpm dance
Keith’s National Teen ScholarshipIsabella PaulsonJ'adore DANCE
Keith’s National Senior ScholarshipBecca HopkinsDanceland II School of Dance
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipJillian JobesDanceland II School of Dance
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipPenelope NorwoodJ'adore DANCE
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipMary Treece Simmonsvalley dance theatre
Robert’s National Teen ScholarshipMehki Johnsonrpm dance
Robert’s National Senior ScholarshipHaley HuelsmanNew England Dance and Gymnastics Centers
Kathryn’s National Junior ScholarshipOlivia AcomeJ'adore DANCE
Kathryn’s National Teen ScholarshipMackenzie SmithFredericksburg Ballet Centre
Kathryn’s National Senior ScholarshipAshley SarverDance Kraze
Seth’s National Camp Dance ScholarshipAlessandra DivinoDanceland II School of Dance
Brooke's National Junior ScholarshipNicole KiddThe Studio
Brooke's National Teen ScholarshipLiannah CareyPrestige Dance Studio
Brooke's National Senior ScholarshipEthan Harigvalley dance theatre
Dejan's National Junior ScholarshipPeyton BierowskiPrestige Dance Studio
Dejan's National Teen ScholarshipLydia TaylorMarianne Kelley's School of Dance
Dejan's National Senior ScholarshipMorgan DavisJ'adore DANCE
Zach’s National Senior ScholarshipAshley CleatonFredericksburg Ballet Centre
Steven Boyd ScholarshipKate Oland"Feet of Fire!" Dance Academy
Steven Boyd ScholarshipCamryn GrovesPerformance Dance Company
Steven Boyd ScholarshipTatiyahna Blakelyrpm dance
Social Media ScholarshipTaylor PeeryMomentum Dance Center
The Giving Key ScholarshipHannah Campbellvalley dance theatre
Making Noise ScholarshipSophie Suleskyvalley dance theatre
Making Noise ScholarshipSydney RusinJ'adore DANCE
Making Noise ScholarshipAbigail StinnettJ'adore DANCE

Solo Awards

Award Name
Recipient Name
Studio Name
Routine Name
Miss Junior 4th Runner UpOlivia AcomeJ'adore DANCEFabulous
Miss Junior 3rd Runner UpRachel ForbesJ'adore DANCEBrave
Miss Junior 2nd Runner UpAddison CullatherJ'adore DANCEI Love Me
Miss Junior 1st Runner UpAvery CaddellJ'adore DANCESave Me
Miss Junior High ScoreAva Weasevalley dance theatreThe Spring
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner UpEmily RoinnelJ'adore DANCERenaissance
Miss Pre-Teen 3rd Runner UpSydney RusinJ'adore DANCERetrograde
Miss Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpChristine KuykendallPrestige Dance StudioFondest Memories
Miss Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpLauren VaughnJ'adore DANCEThrough the Eyes of a Child
Miss Pre-Teen High ScoreLiv KlinglerJ'adore DANCESomewhere In Between
Mr. Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpLogan SpeerAbsolute DanceSwing
Mr. Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpAnthony MattsonJ'adore DANCEJust In Time
Mr. Pre-Teen High ScoreMekhi Johnsonrpm danceThe Dream
Miss Teen 4th Runner UpHunter ThomasForest Dance AcademyFunny Valentine
Miss Teen 3rd Runner UpKatie Rose BumbaloJ'adore DANCEVoices In My Head
Miss Teen 2nd Runner UpHaley HuelsmanNew England Dance and Gymnastics CentersPrelude to a Kiss
Miss Teen 1st Runner UpSophie Suleskyvalley dance theatreHere
Miss Teen High ScoreMorgan Davisvalley dance theatreDiscovery
Miss Senior 4th Runner UpGabi ProctorJ'adore DANCEIncomplete
Miss Senior 3rd Runner UpAlyssa GainesC & C Dance CompanyThe Way You Make Me Feel
Miss Senior 2nd Runner UpMorgan DavisJ'adore DANCEUs
Miss Senior 1st Runner UpAnnie GellesSilhouette DanceHorizon
Miss Senior High ScoreCali HollisterSilhouette DancePolluted
Mr. Senior High ScoreJack BeauleDancers CornerMy Eyes

Style High Score Awards

Age Category
Size Category
Style Category
Studio Name
Routine Name
Camp Dance AdventureGroupJazzvalley dance theatreCrazy Little Thing Called Love
JuniorDuo/TrioLyricalJ'adore DANCEBetter Place
JuniorDuo/TrioHip HopJ'adore DANCEOne Woman Army
JuniorDuo/TrioVarietyJ'adore DANCEBlackbird
JuniorDuo/TrioContemporaryJ'adore DANCEThe Dragonfly Keeper
JuniorDuo/TrioMusical Theatervalley dance theatreSchuyler Sisters
JuniorGroupJazzAbsolute Dance
School Days
JuniorGroupLyricalMomentum Dance CenterThe Best is Yet to Come
JuniorGroupTapvalley dance theatreThe Hunt
JuniorGroupHip Hoprpm danceGet Hype
JuniorGroupVarietyJ'adore DANCECapture The Flag
JuniorLineJazzJ'adore DANCEFAME
JuniorLineHip HopJ'adore DANCEToostee Roll
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioJazzIn Motion Dance CenterOrange Colored Sky
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioLyricalMarianne Kelley's School of DanceGirl on Fire
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioTapForest Dance AcademyYouve Got a Friend
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioHip HopMarianne Kelley's School of DanceBubblegum
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioVarietyThe StudioDiamonds
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioContemporaryvalley dance theatreI’ll Trade Your Broken Wings For Mine
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioMusical TheaterAbsolute Dance
This Feeling
Pre-TeenGroupBalletThe StudioThe Sound Of Silence
Pre-TeenGroupJazzrpm danceMoney and Fame
Pre-TeenGroupLyricalJ'adore DANCETrills
Pre-TeenGroupTapFredericksburg Ballet CentreGhost in the Graveyard
Pre-TeenGroupHip Hopvalley dance theatreNot That Kinda Girl
Pre-TeenGroupContemporaryvalley dance theatreIm Okay
Pre-TeenGroupMusical TheaterThe StudioZero To Hero
Pre-TeenLineJazzJ'adore DANCEHold My Hand
Pre-TeenLineLyricalvalley dance theatreScars to your Beautiful
Pre-TeenLineHip Hoprpm danceGet Up
Pre-TeenLineContemporaryvalley dance theatreThe Walk
Pre-TeenProductionJazzJ'adore DANCEBrand New Day
Pre-TeenProductionLyricalrpm danceBe Here Long
Pre-TeenProductionHip Hop"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyLose Control
Pre-TeenProductionVarietyForest Dance AcademyWizard of Ahhhhs
Pre-TeenProductionMusical TheaterFredericksburg Ballet CentreWonderland
TeenDuo/TrioLyricalvalley dance theatreVienna
TeenDuo/TrioTapValley Dance ProductionsRun the World
TeenDuo/TrioContemporaryvalley dance theatreSee You Soon
TeenDuo/TrioMusical TheaterForest Dance AcademyMungojerrie and Rumpelteazer
TeenGroupJazzEast Coast Dance CompanyExs and Ohs
TeenGroupLyricalPrestige Dance StudioFor My Help
TeenGroupTapvalley dance theatreHollow Drum
TeenGroupHip HopEast Coast Dance CompanyHolla Back
TeenGroupVarietyJ'adore DANCEFree
TeenGroupContemporaryAbsolute Dance
TeenLineJazzMomentum Dance CenterGo
TeenLineLyricalJ'adore DANCESecret Love Song
TeenLineHip HopJ'adore DANCETennies
TeenLineVarietyJ'adore DANCEBottom Of The River
TeenProductionLyrical"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyThe Lion King Suite
TeenProductionMusical Theater"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyYou Cant Stop the Beat
SeniorDuo/TrioLyricalValley Dance ProductionsHotel California
SeniorDuo/TrioHip Hoprpm danceDifferent Drum
SeniorDuo/TrioContemporarySilhouette DanceOil and Water
SeniorGroupJazzFredericksburg Ballet CentreMy Girls
SeniorGroupLyricalFredericksburg Ballet CentreLight
SeniorGroupTap804 Dance PlaceRain Jacket
SeniorGroupHip Hop"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyBeyonce
SeniorExtended GroupContemporary804 Dance PlaceLet me be
SeniorExtended LineJazz"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyProud Mary
SeniorLineLyricalDawn's School of DanceSmall World
SeniorLineVariety"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyJai Ho
SeniorLineMusical Theater"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy
SeniorProductionTap"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyZoot Suit Riot
SeniorProductionContemporary"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyHometown Glory

CDA/Junior Group Awards

Award Name
Studio Name
Routine Name
Camp Dance High Scorevalley dance theatreCrazy Little Thing Called Love
Junior Duo/Trio Judges Pickvalley dance theatreSchuyler Sisters
Junior Duo/Trio Runner UpJ'adore DANCEThe Dragonfly Keeper
Junior Duo/Trio High ScoreJ'adore DANCEOne Woman Army
Junior Group Judges Pickrpm danceGood to Be Alive
Junior Group Judges PickMomentum Dance CenterThe Best Is Yet to Come
Junior Group Judges PickAbsolute DanceSchool Days
Junior Group Runner Upvalley dance theatreThe Hunt
Junior Group High ScoreJ'adore DANCECapture the Flag
Junior Line Runner UpJ'adore DANCEFame
Junior Line High ScoreJ'adore DANCETootsie Roll
Junior High ScoreJ'adore DANCEBlackbird

Pre-Teen Group Awards

Award Name
Studio Name
Routine Name
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickMarianne Kelley's School of DanceGirl on Fire
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickEast Coast Dance CompanyHeads Will Roll
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickPrestige Dance StudioNearing the End
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Runner UpJ'adore DANCEAnd In That Moment
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio High Scorevalley dance theatreI’ll Trade Your Broken Wings For Mine
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickFredericksburg Ballet CentreGhost in the Graveyard
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickThe StudioFriday
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickPerformance Dance CompanyExistence
Pre-Teen Group Runner Upvalley dance theatreNot That Kinda Girl
Pre-Teen Group High Scorevalley dance theatreI’m Okay
Pre-Teen Line Judges PickMomentum Dance CenterDance In the Graveyards
Pre-Teen Line Judges Pickrpm danceGet Up
Pre-Teen Line Runner UpJ'adore DANCEHold My Hand
Pre-Teen Line High Scorevalley dance theatreScars to your Beautiful
Pre-Teen Production Judges Pickrpm danceBe Here Long
Pre-Teen Production Judges PickFredericksburg Ballet CentreWonderland
Pre-Teen Production Runner UpForest Dance AcademyWizard of Ahhhhs
Pre-Teen Production High Score"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyLose Control
Pre-Teen High ScoreJ'adore DANCEBrand New Day

Teen Group Awards

Award Name
Studio Name
Routine Name
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickValley Dance ProductionsLet It Be
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickPrestige Dance StudioIn Harmony
Teen Duo/Trio Runner Upvalley dance theatreVienna
Teen Duo/Trio High ScoreForest Dance AcademyMungojerrie and Rumpelteazer
Teen Group Judges PickAbsolute DanceBeautiful
Teen Group Judges PickEast Coast Dance CompanyExs and Ohs
Teen Group Runner UpEast Coast Dance CompanyHadippa
Teen Group High ScoreJ'adore DANCEFree
Teen Line Judges PickAbsolute DanceGarden
Teen Line Judges PickMomentum Dance CenterGo
Teen Line Runner UpJ'adore DANCETennies
Teen Line High ScoreJ'adore DANCESecret Love Song
Teen Production Judges PickDawn's School of DanceYoure Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Teen Production Runner Up"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyThe Lion King Suite
Teen Production High Score"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyYou Can’t Stop the Beat
Teen High Scorevalley dance theatreHollow Drum

Senior Group Awards

Award Name
Studio Name
Routine Name
Senior Duo/Trio Judges PickAbsolute DanceMoney, Power, Glory
Senior Duo/Trio Judges PickValley Dance ProductionsHotel California
Senior Duo/Trio Runner Uprpm danceDifferent Drum
Senior Duo/Trio High ScoreKFORCE Dance AcademyIf You Went Away
Senior Group Judges Pick804 Dance PlaceRain Jacket
Senior Group Judges PickFredericksburg Ballet CentreLight
Senior Group Runner Up804 Dance PlaceLet me be
Senior Group High Score"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyBeyonce
Senior Line Judges PickDawn's School of DanceSmall World
Senior Line Runner Up"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyProud Mary
Senior Line High Score"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyJai Ho
Senior Production High Score"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyZoot Suit Riot
Senior High Score"Feet of Fire!" Dance AcademyHometown Glory

Overall Awards

Award Name
Studio Name
Routine Name
Stand Out Studiovalley dance theatre
Shaffer Studiorpm dance
Top Judges PickSilhouette DanceOil and Water
Overall High ScoreJ'adore DANCEBottom of the River

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