Bethesda, MD 2016-17 Recap

Our emotions are running wild! We can’t believe there are only two cities left on our Find Your Truth Tour! We seriously don’t have words for our weekend in Bethesda. Well, we have a lot of words, but none would be sufficient in describing our feelings about our time with you all. We have probably said this a million times by now, but here goes a million and one. Like energies attract like energies and that is proven to us more and more each weekend when we see familiar faces and meet new ones. We are all on the same path, with the same mission and are united in a goal of wanting to give these young dancers more than dance. When you can allow yourself to step back and see the bigger picture, it will all become clear. It’s not about cool dance steps. It’s about exploring who we are. It’s about loving on others. It’s about accepting our flaws and becoming the best version of ourselves. It’s about digging deep, or as Erica Sobol says, “there are trap doors, upon trap doors, upon trap doors.” It’s about exploring the deepest parts of ourselves and it’s our goal to make that accessible by offering a place of freedom and openness. We are so happy to be able to create a space, alongside some of the most brilliantly talented people on earth, that nourishes the souls of the next generation. Oh man, how lucky we are to have this little thing called dance. It’s like nothin’ else.