Collective LA Trip 2014

Man! What an incredible weekend!! We brought this season’s Collective out to LA to share a weekend of classes, photo shoots, good food, a few tears and a love of laughter. We cannot say thank you enough for everybody who made this weekend possible. A huge thanks to Kathryn McCormick, Shaun Evaristo and Kyle Robinson for their hugely motivating classes. Also to Shelli Margaritas for her agency class that was filled with so much information on getting represented. A crazy amount of thanks goes out to Kelly Moogan for co-directing and also hooking us up with a great private dinner at Beso! To Struther White for running around making sure everyone was fueled with coffee and healthy grub and also for not dying on his fall down a flight of stairs. And lastly, thanks to everyone in this year’s Collective for being simply AMAZING!!!! We love you guys!