Class schedules, competition order and detail scheduling have been posted below

Irvine, CA
Mar. 6-8, 2015


Event Information

Registration Cutoff – Feb. 13, 2015
Schedule Release Date – Feb. 25, 2015 by the end of the day Pacific Time.
Competition Limitations – There are no competition limitations for total routines. All soloists are limited to one solo per dancer.
Hotel Room Block Cutoff – Feb. 13, 2015.
Hotel Room Block Rate – $113.00

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Friday, March 6th, 2015
Noon - 5 pmRegistration
DanceMakers Presents StarMaker Competition # 1 - 169
1:45 pmDoorsAwards
#138 - 169 will be presented a Placement Awards during Awards Ceremony following #169
All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony
2 pmCompetition Begins
Friday Night Bonus Classes
7 - 8 pmSeth Contemporary
8 - 9 pmZack Jazz Funk

Saturday, March 7th 2015
RoomSeniorTeenJuniorTeacherCamp DanceAdventure
7 am - NoonRegistration
7:30 amWarm Up and Announcements...Everyone Welcome! Location: Showroom - No Wristbands Required
8 - 9 amKathryn ContemporaryDejan Hip HopBrooke TapSeth Contemporary
9 - 10Tommy JazzKyle ModernKeith BalletBrooke Tap
10 - 10:30 amAudition Jazz RoutineAutograph and Photos at DanceMakers Red Carpet
10:30 - 11:15 amKeith BalletKathryn ContemporaryDejan Hip HopBecca Retter
Location: Teacher Room
11:15 - NoonBrooke TapTommy JazzMatt Contempoary
12 - 12:45 pmLunch
12:45 - 1:45 pmKyle ModernKeith BalletTommy JazzBecca Retter
Location: Teacher Room
12:45 - 1:30 pm
1:45 - 2:30 pmDejan Hip HopBrooke TapSeth ContemporaryMatt Jazz
DanceMakers Presents Group Competition # 170 - 290
3:15 pmDoorsAwards
#170 - 222 will be presented a Placement Awards during Awards Ceremony following #222
#223 - 290 will be presented a Placement Awards during Awards Ceremony following #290
All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony
3:30 pmCompetition Begins

Sunday, March 8th, 2015
RoomSeniorTeenJuniorTeacherCamp DanceAdventure
7 - 11 amRegistration
7 - 8 amKeith
Advanced Ballet/Pointe
8 - 9 amKathryn ContemporaryDejan Hip HopKyle BalletTommy Jazz
9 - 10 amMatt JazzBrooke TapTommy JazzKeith Ballet
10 - 10:30 amAutograph and Photos at DanceMakers Red Carpet
10:30 - 11:15 amBrooke TapKathryn ContemporaryDejan Hip HopBecca Retter
Location: Teacher Room
11:15 - NoonSeth ImprovKyle BalletMatt Contempoary
Noon - 12:45 pmLunchTeacher’s Luncheon
Location: TBA
12:45 - 1:30 pmKyle ModernMatt JazzKathryn ContemporarySeth
Location: Teacher Room
12:45 - 1:30 pm
1:30 - 2:30 pmDejan Hip HopSeth ContemporaryBrooke Tap
2:30 - 3:45 pmWrap It Ceremony...Everyone Welcome! Location: Showroom - No Wristbands Required

Download Competition Schedule PDF

Performance Order
Routine Name
Age Category
Style Category
Size Category
Studio Name
1DynamiteCamp Dance AdventureJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
2Call Me MaybeCamp Dance AdventureJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
3In His KissJuniorJazzSoloDance Creations
4Party GirlJuniorJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
5Dance With MeJuniorJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
6Queen BeeJuniorJazzSoloDance Creations
7A Little PartyJuniorJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
8ReflectionJuniorLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
9StarsJuniorLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
10A Thousand YearsJuniorLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
11CloserJuniorLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
12James BondJuniorHip HopSoloThe Dance Factor
13MoreJuniorMusical TheaterSoloThe Dance Factor
14Longing to BelongPre-TeenBalletSoloOC Dance Center
15Bang BangPre-TeenJazzSolopacific arts center
16Hold OnPre-TeenJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
17Ugly HeartPre-TeenJazzSoloOC Dance Center
18Burnin UpPre-TeenJazzSolopacific arts center
19SassyPre-TeenJazzSoloDance Creations
20Let Me Think About ItPre-TeenJazzSoloWest coast school of the arts
21Skinny LovePre-TeenLyricalSoloMurrieta Dance Project
22StarsPre-TeenLyricalSoloClifton Dance Project
23Not About AngelsPre-TeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
24AngelsPre-TeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
25LovelyPre-TeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
26Stay With MePre-TeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
27HomePre-TeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
28HaloPre-TeenLyricalSoloMurrieta Dance Project
29MirrorsPre-TeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
30My Heart Will Go OnPre-TeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
31Wasted TimePre-TeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
32first lovePre-TeenHip HopSoloDance Creations
33Fly Me To The MoonPre-TeenVarietySoloDance Creations
34IrisPre-TeenContemporarySolopacific arts center
35One Beautiful EveningPre-TeenContemporarySoloThe Dance Factor
36Dream OnPre-TeenContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
37I Hope This Gets To YouPre-TeenContemporarySoloMurrieta Dance Project
38ExplosionsPre-TeenContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
39Not About AngelsPre-TeenContemporarySolopacific arts center
40Holding Us BackPre-TeenContemporarySoloElevation Studios
41Odalisque variation Le Corsaire/Kill Of The NightTeenBalletSoloand all that jazz
42House Of The Rising SunTeenJazzSoloMurrieta Dance Project
437 Nation ArmyTeenJazzSoloDance Creations
44The Way You Make Me FeelTeenJazzSoloElevation Studios
45Say ItTeenJazzSoloElevation Studios
46Standing ThereTeenJazzSoloMurrieta Dance Project
47You Dont Love MeTeenJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
48All of Our StarsTeenLyricalSoloClifton Dance Project
49Not About AngelsTeenLyricalSoloDance Creations
50Mad WorldTeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
51Stay With MeTeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
52FidelityTeenLyricalSoloMurrieta Dance Project
53WingsTeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
54Thank YouTeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
55BlackbirdTeenLyricalSoloClifton Dance Project
56Burning RoomTeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
57Letter to Laci MarieTeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
58Fix YouTeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
59Let Her GoTeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
60NorthTeenLyricalSoloClifton Dance Project
61HaloTeenLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
62Winter HymnalTeenLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
63Enter OneTeenLyricalSoloElevation Studios
64Bang BangTeenTapSoloLevitate Dance Academy
65AwakeTeenTapSoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
66Picking Up The PiecesTeenContemporarySoloMurrieta Dance Project
67ApparatTeenContemporarySoloMEDIA CITY
68The WolvesTeenContemporarySolopacific arts center
69CellophaneTeenContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
70Walk on WaterTeenContemporarySoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
71ButterflyTeenContemporarySoloDance Creations
72Bridges BurningTeenContemporarySoloElevation Studios
73BloodstreamTeenContemporarySoloExtensions Performing Arts Academy
74FieldsTeenContemporarySoloWest Coast School of the Arts
75gravityTeenContemporarySoloDance Creations
76Rule The WorldTeenContemporarySoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
77My Young YearsTeenContemporarySoloElevation Studios
78tak me as i amTeenContemporarySoloDance Creations
79Winters SongTeenContemporarySoloMurrieta Dance Project
80Rule The WorldTeenContemporarySolopacific arts center
81Viva la VidaTeenContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
82Rose LillyTeenContemporarySoloElevation Studios
83Broken OnesTeenContemporarySoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
84Come DownTeenContemporarySoloDance Creations
85ParalyzedTeenContemporarySoloElevation Studios
86WashTeenContemporarySoloElevation Studios
87Not About AngelsTeenContemporarySoloMedia City Dance
88Feeling GoodTeenMusical TheaterSoloElevation Studios
89Get HappyTeenMusical TheaterSoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
90Aint Nothin but a KissTeenMusical TheaterSoloElevation Studios
91I Enjoy Being A GirlTeenMusical TheaterSoloDance Creations
92Variation from RaymondaSeniorBalletSoloOC Dance Center
93Variations from EsmeraldaSeniorBalletSoloClifton Dance Project
94Concrete WallSeniorJazzSoloExtensions Performing Arts Academy
95Mama Knows BestSeniorJazzSoloThe Dance Factor
96Wrecking BallSeniorLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
97Something I NeedSeniorLyricalSoloClifton Dance Project
98Lay By Your SideSeniorLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
99UnravelingSeniorLyricalSoloExtensions Performing Arts Academy
100Not About AngelsSeniorLyricalSoloOC Dance Center
101Be MineSeniorLyricalSoloThe Dance Factor
103Whats Love Got to do With ItSeniorTapSoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
104SoldiersSeniorVarietySoloDance Creations
105Old MoneySeniorContemporarySoloMurrieta Dance Project
106Another BreathSeniorContemporarySoloRetter's Acdemy of Dance
107Turning PageSeniorContemporarySolopacific arts center
108Life Round HereSeniorContemporarySoloClifton Dance Project
109TBASeniorContemporarySoloWest School Of The Arts
110Paradise CircusSeniorContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
111Water MeSeniorContemporarySoloElevation Studios
112EmbersSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
113I LivedSeniorContemporarySoloNCJHS Dance Team
114VoyageSeniorContemporarySoloEvolution Dance Center
115IronSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
116Near LightSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
117The Spirit Was GoneSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
118In the WindsSeniorContemporarySoloElevation Studios
119A BeginningSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
120Come Back To MeSeniorContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
121Take You OverSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
122Comptine deteSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
123Thru TimeSeniorContemporarySoloMurrieta Dance Project
124Missed MeSeniorContemporarySoloClifton Dance Project
125Sweet DespositionSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
126PassageSeniorContemporarySoloElevation Studios
127Is this HappinessSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
128Cut the WorldSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
129The SkirtSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
130Skin and BonesSeniorContemporarySoloOC Dance Center
131TwiceSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
132ToxicSeniorContemporarySoloElevation Studios
133Lost SongSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
134FaunSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
135A Case Of YouSeniorContemporarySoloDance Creations
136I See FireSeniorContemporarySoloThe Dance Factor
13720th Century MambSeniorMusical TheaterSoloDance Creations
138Its In His KissJuniorJazzDuo/TrioElevation Studios
139Q U E E NPre-TeenTapDuo/TrioElevation Studios
140WillowPre-TeenLyricalDuo/TrioExtensions Performing Arts Academy
141My Heart Will Go OnJuniorLyricalDuo/TrioElevation Studios
142My Strongest SuitPre-TeenTapDuo/TrioThe Dance Factor
143Glamorous LifeJuniorJazzDuo/TrioElevation Studios
144Linear PassagePre-TeenContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
145Burning UpPre-TeenJazzDuo/TrioElevation Studios
146AnimalsPre-TeenJazzDuo/TrioOC Dance Center
147Grown WomanPre-TeenJazzDuo/Triopacific arts center
148BlindingPre-TeenContemporaryDuo/TrioElevation Studios
149Pure ImaginationPre-TeenVarietyDuo/TrioExtensions Performing Arts Academy
150Fallen AngelsTeenContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
151All Through the NightSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
152If you knewTeenContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
153Someone Like YouSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
154Always on my MindSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
155YouthTeenContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
156Hyper BalladSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
157Im In HereSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
158Hey MommaTeenTapDuo/TrioClifton Dance Project
159TonightTeenContemporaryDuo/TrioThe Dance Factor
160Europe After the RainSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioClifton Dance Project
161Tu Vas Me ManquerTeenLyricalDuo/TrioThe Dance Factor
162TornadoSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
163riped to shredsSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioDance Creations
164Break FreeTeenHip HopDuo/TrioThe Dance Factor
165Night CallTeenContemporaryDuo/Triopacific arts center
166Are You That SomebodyTeenJazzDuo/TrioElevation Studios
167LifespanSeniorLyricalDuo/TrioOC Dance Center
168We Might Be Dead TomorrowSeniorContemporaryDuo/TrioExtensions Performing Arts Academy
169HollogramSeniorJazzDuo/TrioDance Creations
170MoveJuniorContemporaryGroupElevation Studios
171Crazy Little Thing Called LoveJuniorTapLineElevation Studios
172I Love My SelfieJuniorJazzGroupThe Dance Factor
173Still and AlwaysJuniorContemporaryLineElevation Studios
174FireballPre-TeenJazzLineElevation Studios
175Pictures of YouJuniorLyricalGroupThe Dance Factor
176All of MePre-TeenLyricalGroupThe Dance Factor
1776 Foot 2JuniorLyricalLineOC Dance Center
178Somewhere Beyond the MoonPre-TeenLyricalLineOC Dance Center
179LatchPre-TeenContemporaryLineOC Dance Center
180Funky MonkeyJuniorJazzLineElevation Studios
181SlamPre-TeenHip HopGroupThe Dance Factor
182Little Bitty Pretty OneJuniorJazzLineElevation Studios
183QuicksandPre-TeenContemporaryGroupElevation Studios
184Yellow SubmarinePre-TeenVarietyLineElevation Studios
185Fire and GoldJuniorJazzGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
186InnocencePre-TeenJazzGroupThe Dance Factor
187Everybody Needs a KenJuniorJazzGroupThe Dance Factor
188ordinary miraclePre-TeenContemporaryLineDance Creations
189The One That Got AwayPre-TeenTapLineSTEP BY STEP dance
190HurtJuniorLyricalLineElevation Studios
191Material GirlJuniorJazzGroupElevation Studios
1921000 DancesPre-TeenJazzLineElevation Studios
193Vive Le SwingPre-TeenTapLineThe Dance Factor
194ByegonePre-TeenLyricalGroupElevation Studios
195Boot SwingPre-TeenJazzLineOC Dance Center
196No HatePre-TeenHip HopLineClifton Dance Project
197Everybody HurtsPre-TeenLyricalLineOC Dance Center
198ItinerisPre-TeenContemporaryGroupThe Dance Factor
199GoPre-TeenJazzLineThe Dance Factor
200On a Beach in HawaiiJuniorLyricalGroupElevation Studios
201Beauty and the BeatPre-TeenHip HopGroupElevation Studios
202So HoodPre-TeenHip HopLineElevation Studios
203Nike BootsPre-TeenHip HopLineSTEP BY STEP dance
204A Little PartyPre-TeenJazzGroupWest Coast Movement Project
205Stand DownPre-TeenJazzLineThe Dance Factor
206knock on woodPre-TeenJazzLineDance Creations
207Love is a BattlefieldPre-TeenLyricalLineThe Dance Factor
208HustleJuniorHip HopLineElevation Studios
209TelephonePre-TeenJazzGroupElevation Studios
210BlackbirdPre-TeenJazzLineElevation Studios
211Wake Me UpPre-TeenLyricalLineSTEP BY STEP dance
212RitzPre-TeenMusical TheaterLineClifton Dance Project
213Diamonds Are a Girls Best FriendJuniorMusical TheaterLineOC Dance Center
214IndestructiblePre-TeenContemporaryProductionThe Dance Factor
215B O BPre-TeenTapGroupElevation Studios
216Get On Your FeetJuniorTapLineElevation Studios
217cmon everybodyPre-TeenJazzLineDance Creations
218Let It GoJuniorVarietyLineOC Dance Center
219Rule The WorldPre-TeenJazzLineSTEP BY STEP dance
220Schindlers ListPre-TeenContemporaryProductionOC Dance Center
221Swing ClubPre-TeenHip HopProductionThe Dance Factor
222By My SidePre-TeenContemporaryLineElevation Studios
223HollowTeenLyricalGroupElevation Studios
224Sweater WeatherTeenLyricalGroupThe Dance Factor
225the flockTeenContemporaryGroupDance Creations
226Let it RainTeenLyricalGroupThe Dance Factor
227HayloftTeenJazzGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
228Enjoy the SilenceTeenContemporaryLineOC Dance Center
229Beyonce WorldTeenHip HopLineClifton Dance Project
230Get On BoardSeniorTapLineSTEP BY STEP dance
231Express YourselfTeenJazzGroupElevation Studios
232BygonesSeniorContemporaryGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
233FoundTeenContemporaryProductionThe Dance Factor
234over the waterTeenContemporaryLineDance Creations
235We All Need SavingSeniorLyricalGroupOC Dance Center
236nothing compares to youTeenJazzLineDance Creations
237SuzanneTeenLyricalLineExtensions Performing Arts Academy
238NumbTeenContemporaryGroupElevation Studios
239Heavenly FatherSeniorContemporaryGroupElevation Studios
240Near LightSeniorLyricalLineOC Dance Center
241ghostsSeniorContemporaryGroupDance Creations
242Silent All These YearsTeenContemporaryLineExtensions Performing Arts Academy
243Walking on AirTeenJazzGroupThe Dance Factor
244Doves CrySeniorJazzLineSTEP BY STEP dance
245Good Golly Miss MollyTeenMusical TheaterLineClifton Dance Project
246SweatTeenJazzGroupElevation Studios
247Old MoneySeniorLyricalGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
248Make It To MeTeenHip HopGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
249GlamTeenJazzGroupThe Dance Factor
250rampedSeniorVarietyLineDance Creations
251Criminal IntentSeniorJazzGroupOC Dance Center
252Hunger of the PineSeniorContemporaryGroupElevation Studios
253RiotSeniorHip HopGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
254Work SongTeenContemporaryGroupElevation Studios
255Run to YouSeniorContemporaryLineClifton Dance Project
256Uneven OddsSeniorLyricalLineSTEP BY STEP dance
257Higher LoveTeenContemporaryLineClifton Dance Project
258Open HandsTeenLyricalGroupElevation Studios
259212SeniorJazzGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
260Out Of My MindSeniorHip HopGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
261on the brinkTeenContemporaryGroupDance Creations
262Everbody HurtsSeniorLyricalGroupSTEP BY STEP dance
263i will love youSeniorContemporaryGroupDance Creations
264Wicked GameSeniorLyricalGroupOC Dance Center
265BanjiSeniorHip HopLineExtensions Performing Arts Academy
266You and MeTeenLyricalLineElevation Studios
267ToccataTeenBalletLineClifton Dance Project
268NunsenseSeniorMusical TheaterLineSTEP BY STEP dance
269Way It EndsSeniorContemporaryLineClifton Dance Project
270HeadbandzSeniorHip HopGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
271your hand in mineSeniorContemporaryGroupDance Creations
272it all leads to thisSeniorContemporaryLineDance Creations
273Work SongSeniorContemporaryGroupExtensions Performing Arts Academy
274FreakTeenTapLineElevation Studios
275HypnotizeSeniorHip HopLineExtensions Performing Arts Academy
276captureTeenContemporaryLineDance Creations
277Shot Me DownSeniorJazzGroupOC Dance Center
278Triple ThreatSeniorHip HopLineSTEP BY STEP dance
279A Chorus LineSeniorMusical TheaterExtended LineOC Dance Center
280The HeistSeniorHip HopProductionExtensions Performing Arts Academy
281The Last TimeTeenLyricalLineElevation Studios
282Careless with this LoveSeniorContemporaryLineElevation Studios
283A Little NIght MusicSeniorBalletLineClifton Dance Project
284forgivnessSeniorContemporaryGroupDance Creations
285Haunted MansionSeniorVarietyProductionExtensions Performing Arts Academy
286in the embersTeenContemporaryGroupDance Creations
287Temple Dancers from La BayadereTeenBalletProductionOC Dance Center
288passagesSeniorContemporaryLineDance Creations
289End of the AffairTeenContemporaryProductionElevation Studios
290The WildSeniorHip HopProductionExtensions Performing Arts Academy

Download Event Details PDF

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Noon – 5pm Registration – Teachers are welcome to check in to receive studio packets as well to turn in competition music. All competition music for Friday night must be turned in by 5 pm or one our prior to your perfromance time. All competition music must be on one CD (details in information section). Free observer wristbands are available to pick up starting Saturday morning.

1:45 am Competition Doors Open

2pm Competition Begins # 1 – 169

Award Ceremony – Following #169, #138 – 169 will be presented a Placement Award. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.

7 – 9 pm Friday Night Classes – Friday evening DMI is offering two BONUS classes! Be sure to check the class schedule for teaching staff and location. Everyone Welcome! No wristbands required.

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

7 – Noon Registration – Teachers are welcome to check in to receive studio packets, as well to turn in competition music. All group music must be turned in by Noon. All competition music must be on one CD (details in information section).

7 am Warm Up Tech Rehearsal – All students attending on scholarship are required to attend the Warm Up Tech Rehearsal. It will be held in the DMI Showroom. Please meet a DMI staff member outside of the DMI Showroom doors at 7 am. Wristband is not required.

7:00 am Complimentary Teacher Breakfast – Stop by the teachers room for a quick breakfast to get your day started! You never know what faculty you might see there!

7:30 am Warm Up – There will be Faculty & VIP student introductions, followed by a 1/2 hour group warm-up for everyone in the showroom. Everyone is invited! No wristband required. At 7:50 am the room will be converted into a classroom and wristband rules will be enforced.

8 am – 2:30 pm Classes

3 pm Dressing Room Meeting – There is a dressing room meeting for all competitors, teachers, and parents. We will be reviewing rules and regulations for backstage of competition, introducing our backstage staff, and reviewing awards. This meeting is not mandatory, but is recommended for at least one studio representative to attend.

3:15 pm Competition Doors Open

3:30 pm Competition Begins #170 – 290

1st Award Ceremony – Following #222, #170 – 222 will be presented a Placement Award. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.

2nd Award Ceremony – Following #290, #223 – 290 will be presented a Placement Award. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

7 – 8 am Pointe Class – Keith Clifton will be offering a very special private pointe class for all of your pointe and advanced ballet dancers. The cost is $20.00 per student. All participants must sign up and pay at DMI’s Shop in advance. This has been a very popular class on tour and all of the dancers who participate have been exhilarated, hyped, and yes, very tired! Don’t let your advanced ballet students miss this class! Location is the DMI Showroom.

7:30 – 11 am Registration – Teachers welcome to pick up their judging commentary packet

8 am – 2:00 pm Classes

Noon Wrap It Ceremony Line Up Posted at Registration and Merchandise Booth

Noon – 12:45 pm Teacher Luncheon – All teachers are invited to join Doug Shaffer, Brad Taylor and Felicia Taylor for lunch to come say “hello”, have a bite to eat, and share some fun, ideas, and a bit of laughter! You must sign up by noon on Saturday at the DMI Shop.

2:30 – 3:45 pm Wrap It Ceremony! Be sure to check out all the performances, scholarships and prizes! Everyone Welcome!

Teacher Packet Information

Wristbands – Your packet includes all of your pre-registered attendees wristbands. Additional wristbands are available for sale at Registration. All wristbands must be secured on the wrist with only a finger space between the wristband and the wrist. Loose wristbands may be cut off by door guards. Wristbands must be kept on for both days of the convention. No one will be allowed into classrooms without a wristband. Children under 2 years of age will be allowed into any classroom with wristbanded parent.

Wristband Level Changes – Level changes can be made during the weekend at Registration. All changes must be done with a registered teacher from your studio.

Scholarship Numbers – Your packet includes scholarship numbers for all of your pre-registered attendees (excluding teachers & observers). There are two copies of this scholarship within your packet. The second copy is not for Sunday, but a back up for when the attendee loses their first copy. DanceMakers will not be reprinting any scholarship numbers onsite. The scholarship number should be pinned on their clothing so that the number is visible. The Senior Room is the only classroom that has an audition class, but all ages are eligible for scholarships. All scholarships are picked throughout the weekend by our faculty members in all age levels. Remember, the number must be visible to our faculty to be eligible.

Recommendation Certificate – We know that there is no advertisement like word of mouth, so DMI wants you to help us spread the word! Enclosed in your packet is a certificate for you to recommend DanceMakers to a potential new client. The certificate will give the new client free attendance to convention, PLUS two free room nights at the host hotel for the regional city of their choice! We believe in your opinion of DanceMakers and want to repay you for this recommendation! Once your recommendation attends DanceMakers, we will mail you a check for $250! Allow 2-4 weeks processing time after recommended teacher attends.

Program – In your packet you will receive a complimentary competition program. Additional programs are for sale at the DMI Shop.

DanceMakers Coffee Mug – Coffee on US! All registered teacher’s will receive a complementary DMI coffee mug that will get you free refills of either coffee or tea at the host venue’s registered coffee shop!

Convention and Competition Information

Photography/Video for Competition – Photography and videography during competition are strictly prohibited. Advanced technology of video on cell phones, cameras, etc has forced us to prohibit all camera use. This includes ALL still photography, with or without flash. This is to protect the rights of the choreographer as well as your children’s safety, and to make it possible for DanceMakers to offer a professional photography and video service. Any violations can result in routine and/or studio being disqualified.

Photography/Video for Convention – New! DanceMakers will be allowing photography and videography during convention. Please be respectful of those taking class, the faculty member that is teaching the dancers and other observers within the convention setting. Please stand to the sides of the classroom. DanceMakers and the faculty member has the right to ask anyone to stop documenting their classroom for any reason.

Competition Music – All competition music must be turned in during registration hours. All music should be on one CD! Please provide 2 copies of this CD, one master and one back up. Please make sure your CD is labeled with your studio information and track list of music. Music on CD is preferred in competition order, but is not required.

Props – General Props are permitted. There is a 30 second time limit to move props on or off. Anything over 30 seconds will result in a 5 point deduction. Production numbers have a 60 second time limit. This time limit includes clean up or sweeping time, which is the studio’s responsibility, including confetti/glitter/feathers etc. Stage must be left clean by performers. No studio logos are allowed while on stage helping with props. Any obvious studio affiliation will result in a 5 point deduction. Teachers, parents, or students may assist with props. No props or costume pieces to be thrown into judges or audition area. DanceMakers does offer prop storage, which can be arranged by Joseph Akin, our backstage manager. Joseph will be present at registration to give you directions.

Competition Awards

Solo Awards – All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.

Group Awards – Each group routine will be presented Placement Awards (1st, 2nd or 3rd) at the routine’s designated Awards Ceremony. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.

DanceAgain! Awards – DMI will be giving out DanceAgain! Awards. These awards are presented to select performances from competition that are invited to perform at the Wrap It Ceremony. All DanceAgains! will be announced on Saturday night at the final award ceremony. The line up of performances will be released and posted Sunday by Noon at Registration and DMI Shop.

Critique/Judging Packet

Judging Commentary – The judges will hear one another through headsets and will discuss the routine with one another as they watch. The commentary along with a video of the performance will be recorded on a USB for you and your students to watch. We think you will truly be delighted with this new approach to your students’ performances. Packets will be available Sunday from 8 – 11a.m. and include score sheets, CD’s from competition and Judging Commentary USB. Only teachers can pick up competition packet. Packets not picked up before 11 a.m. will be mailed the following week.

Check back for our Winners the week following Irvine, CA!

Check back for the Recap Video the week following Irvine, CA!