Nashville, TN

Where do we start? This past weekend in Nashville, TN was incredible. From the WarmUp to the WrapIt Ceremony, this city was replete with energy! We started the weekend out with a Thursday night meeting with our tech crew to make sure we offer you the very best in multimedia, including sound, lighting, photo and video. Friday morning started bright and early with a 6am load-in consisting of building our state of the art staging for competition. Solo Competition started at 6:30 and was amazing right out of the gate. We knew it was going to be a good weekend by the energy these dancers delivered. Saturday morning at 7am the party started! Our pre-warmup dance party was off the hook. DJ Remidee kicked off the weekend with his banging remixes while Seth and Brad led the kids in a full out dance jam. We filled the stage with dancers and ended the party with what else? Gangnam Style! Nashville had the perfect mix of core faculty and guest artists. Bringing on Gregg Russell, Seth Zibalese and SYTYCD/Step Up Revolution’s Kathryn McCormick brought the perfect balance to an already amazing faculty. Classes were filled with talent and our teachers brought their A game. Kids were rolling on the ground laughing at Gregg and Keith and tears were spotted in a moving and motivational Kathryn McCormick Teen Contemporary class. During our autograph session the red carpet filled with excited dancers waiting to get autographs and pictures of their favorite teachers. Kathryn might have had the craziest fans though. Could it have been her lead role in the new Step Up Revolution movie? We think it might have got the kids just a little excited to say the least. Brad Taylor brought in Remidee as a special guest in his Teen Hip Hop class and announced that they were hand picking dancers to perform with Remidee while he debuted his new single, “My Feelings” at the Sunday Awards Ceremony. Nine talented dancers were picked to perform. Brad and Seth rehearsed them after Group Competition on Saturday night. This shows the dedication of our students. After a 15 hour day of dancing they were still ready to leave it all on the dance floor. After classes on Sunday it was time for our OverAll Awards Ceremony! Students and parents filled the Show Room anxiously awaiting the results of Competition and Classroom Scholarships. Dancers cheered and screamed and smiled and cried when they received their trophies. They have put in endless hours at their studios preparing for this. But it’s not just about a trophy. It’s about the love for their craft. The feeling of being on stage. The bright lights. It’s being surrounded by people who “get” them. It’s about the classes that push them to become better dancers. The personal growth they encounter over the weekend. It’s about the new family they have made at DanceMakers. It’s seeing Gregg Russell perform on stage and seeing what they can become if they put in the work. It’s getting to perform on stage with a recording artist. It’s about the overall experience that a weekend at DanceMakers brings. It’s showing up to school on Monday with fake eyelashes stuck to your cheek, a leftover bun, and enough glitter to make every school project for the rest of your life. It’s the life of a dancer and we wouldn’t change it for the world!