Check out what Jessica Hunter has to say about DanceMakers

Even though the contest is over (and we did not enter b/c we cannot swing Myrtle Beach this year), we still wanted to let you know what DMI means to us…FAMILY. We owe so much to Felicia and Brad, Doug, Remi, and many more. Kaia began competing when she was five. In fact, DMI was her first workshop and convention, and immediately, she declared it her “fav.” Since then, no convention and competition has even compared.

No other competition truly allows her to be (and encourages her to be) funky and free…to dance what is in her heart first and her head second. To have FUN because it is the initial reason she began dancing. To get outside her warm, cozy box (or studio) and meet new people b/c she will be dancing with them for years to come. To dance smarter–to always push harder b/c someone is always better, so use that as positive motivation to grow. To feel. Feel the emotion. Feel the music. Feel the love. Feel the dance. DMI has taught her to dance as if everyone is watching. And if that is not enough, the faculty surely is–Brad, Seth, Brooke, Gina, Darryl, Thomas, Keith, Janice, Kyle, Kathryn, Becca, and many more. Just when the faculty seems complete, another extraordinary member comes aboard.

DMI gives back, more than any other competition–honors, awards, scholarships, contests, respect, knowledge. Since first competing, Kaia has been honored many times at Regionals. But, the bigger honor has been dancing with and learning from “the best,” according to her. Thank you. Besides, I am pretty sure Kaia is Felicia and Bradley Taylor’s long lost child–she looks more like them than her mom and dad, and she dances better than us too. Just ask Emily. I am so glad that StageOne DanceAcademy chooses DMI year after year. It is our favorite competition by far. Kaia enjoys the workshops, and I enjoy observing them. As a parent, there is no better feeling than seeing your child growing before your eyes. Thanks.

-Jessica Jones Hunter