Thank You from Phil and Cindy Arnold

Cassidy and the rest of the girls at Premiere Dance Studio in Va are getting ready for Myrtle Beach next month and are actually starting to ask about next years schedule, so your timing was great. I’m sorry you have been going through the problems with your web site, as you clearly have the best one out there. I’ve had to learn more about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., than I ever wanted to, but I guess you really can teach an old dog new tricks. I’ve got a tremendous respect for your entire staff. Felicia, Doug, Tommy, Kathryn, Darryl, Brad, Seth, Dejan, Brooke, Kyle, Keith, Janice, Gina, and anyone I forgot, are the most visible, but everyone at DMI has made us feel like part of your family. Experience as a ‘role model’ is clearly part of the criteria during your hiring process. This year and next year are critical as our granddaughter, Cassidy Bastiaensen, continues to mature from a great kid to a wonderful young lady. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of the quality service you provide in helping thousands of kids with that transition.
We enjoyed the six DMI weekends we attended this year and look forward to the same next season.
Thank you again,
Phil & Cindy Arnold