What Kayla Randall has to say…

“Throughout high school I was always very outgoing and open to meeting new people. Being from a small town I feel as though I’m more trusting than others but it doesn’t always end up benefitting me. I learned the hard way my junior year and I ended up hitting a very low point and what I felt was a dead end. My senior year brought a new tale though, a light at the end of the tunnel.
I’m a competitive dancer and I have been my entire life, this past January I went to a competition that would not only change my weekend but turn my whole life around. Dance Makers Inc. is a dance competition that is also a convention. In other words, all weekend long you take master classes from professional teachers and compete your studio dances at night; a long weekend full of energy, sore legs and bright lipstick. I’ve danced the entirety of my life but never thought I was anything above mediocre. A new teacher was on staff this year and I immediately felt a connection, like he was speaking directly to me the entire weekend. His name is Seth Zibalese. 
 The first night of the weekend, Friday, was an optional night class that was supposed to be taught by Kathryn McCormick! Kathryn ended up not being able to make it that night, so we had a new teacher come in, Seth. The class was amazing and to my surprise I actually did very well. After the class was over, just like any other, I went up and personally thanked Seth for such an amazing class. We then took a picture and I continued on with my weekend. The classes were amazing, like expected, but Seth stood out more than the others. The way he taught, the way he spoke and what he spoke about, it moved me in such a way I was brought to tears multiple times. It felt so real, like I was in the right place, like I was being accepted for the first time. On the third and final day at the end of classes there was a wrap up ceremony where all the teachers perform and scholarships are given out; exhausted, I ended up skipping it and just took off for home. Twenty minutes into my drive I received the best phone call of my entire life.. SETH chose ME for a full ride scholarship to the DMI National Convention in MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA! Out of every girl there, all the talent, he chose me! My life has been forever changed since.
I was not only crying because of how happy I was but also because I wouldn’t be able to personally thank him for such an opportunity. I ended up being contacted by him via twitter and he explained why he gave it to me and I told him how thankful I was. Seth has taught me how to love, how to live my life, how to love dancing again, my purpose, how to accept and cherish everything; especially my family. Seth has made me feel like I’m important again. He reached out to me because he saw something special in me, potential to be great, and it has honestly changed my entire life. I now live full out in everything I do, I make sure the moments count and I always create memories, I wake up every day with a smile and accept whatever is thrown at me, I laugh and sometimes I cry. I’m not entirely sure if he really knows how much he’s changed things for me, but I’m very grateful to him for opening my eyes to this roller coaster we call life. Seth will forever be a mentor when I’m lost and a friend when I need it.
When I thought I hit rock bottom I found a light at the end of the tunnel. This past year has been a 360 for me, but a great one! If anyone were to ask me who was my biggest influence in life I would most definitely say out of everyone I’ve met; Seth Zibalese is the guy. I’m so thankful for him being in my life and I’m so ready for what’s to come, all thanks to him.”