What Lisa Wisniewski has to say…

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you ALL for what you do. My daughter Leigha McDaniel started attending your convention in the teen room with her Studio through Sonja Retter Krick and even after her studio closed we have continued to attend your convention as independents and will do so again this year in Dearborn. This past weekend we continued on our “convention circuit” and attended a convention for the first time and we were quickly reminded just how lucky we are when we come to Dance Makers! Although my daughter walked away from this “other” convention with a new experience, additional training and even took class from some amazing choreographers she did not walk away feeling inspired…..the atmosphere just wasn’t like DMI. The majority of the classes were 45 minutes which did not allow the instructors to really connect with the dancers and at the same time there wasn’t even time for the dancers to personally thank their instructor for their time. The instructors walked in the room and they all seemed so rushed for time that they didn’t even say hello they just began the choreo and then class is done and the next teacher comes in. DMI always finds a way for these things and for that I am forever grateful. All weekend we kept comparing DMI to the convention we were at and by Sunday we realized they just aren’t you…it was even apparent that the students lacked respect as in the senior room their was constant chattering of dancers on the sides who chose not to take class and even during tap class the students from one studio stood in a group of 8 on the dance floor space holding their own conversations (backs to the stage) and never once taking class. What was the most disappointing about this was there were audition finalists in this group and they are required to take all classes so they must show up for attendance….which they did but they didn’t take class and in the end, two of them received the highest scholarship. Very disappointing to me that the choreographer allowed this behavior in class as it disrupted the other dancers opportunity for learning.

Not only do you guys get awesome room rates (so far the best I have yet to pay) and have a great perk of the observer badge with a paid room. DMI offers so much more that I am finding most conventions are just not able come close to your standards. Your staff is top notch in every way and every class is inspiring and personal from the beginning to the end! Not only does my daughter leave your conventions inspired and wanting more, I also find inspiration from your instructors. I think if every parent listened once to Kathryn or Seth during a class they would know and realize just how lucky and blessed their child is to be taking class and sharing a room with such amazing young people!

I had to send this email because I came home wanting to immediately send an email of disappointment to the other convention but everyone always writes complaint emails or letters of disappointment. Instead I thought it is not often that people take the time to thank the ones that do things right and just “get it”, it was then that I decided to use my time and energy and send DMI a positive email and let you know that you are appreciated and keep doing great things!

Thanks again for all that you do and all that you have given my daughter…

See ya in Dearborn!!

Lisa Wisniewski