Thank You’s

We love receiving thank you notes from you guys and this one hit us in our hearts, so we felt like we should share it with you guys.

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught, nor can I express how much this convention has influenced and inspired me in just this little card – but I will try 🙂 Although this is only my second year attending DanceMakers, it truly feels like home. From classes to competition, the staff is so supportive and encouraging. DanceMakers has opened my eyes to the fact that dancing is more than just the movement. When I am here, I am inspired to look deeper within myself and pull emotion from a variety of experiences. In the loving environment of convention classes, I find myself taking both physical and emotional risks, becoming a better dancer and a better person. My DanceMakers experience will be one that I carry with me throughout the entirety of my dance career. As I move on to college next fall and pursue my major in dance, I will carry all the lessons you have taught me. I am so blessed to have been able to experience DanceMakers. Thank you so incredibly much; this has been such a marvelous impact on my life and I will continue to give out the DanceMakers love for years to come.”

Paige St. John
– Miss Kristin’s Dance Studio

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