What’s Your Story?

As this next tour approaches I’ve been thinking a lot about my life mission. I have never been one to make goals of where I want to be in 5…10 years, I have kind of always let the wind & hard work take me and guide me in and out of new opportunity. Although I have never been sure of what opportunities would lie ahead I have ALWAYS been sure of the woman I want to be along the way. I have ALWAYS been sure that at the end of this life I want to leave a legacy and in each opportunity I have ALWAYS had a goal of how I want to make the people involved feel throughout the process. I want to change the world and I want to do it through love and connection with others. That is the mission and whatever opportunities end up on my journey are opportunities to expand that love to the world.

When I think about stepping into the classroom with so many of you at DanceMakers I think of how magical our moments are together. Yes we dance and grow together, but my favorite thing is how we address real life situations in class and use our movement to bring healing and celebration! We use our movement as it was intended to be used from the start- to bring us closer to our most authentic selves and the stories we desperately need to tell with no judgement or fear of approval from anyone around us.

These moments fulfill me and bring so much quality to my soul. Thank you guys for being on that journey with me and giving so much in the classroom space, it changes me and is a constant encouragement for my heart.

So now I have a favor to ask of you… the DanceMakers tour is called Love Conquers All this year. I don’t want that to just be a title we use to identify this year of tour, but I want that to be a thought provoking statement we use throughout the season. What does that statement mean to you? Have you ever experienced a moment in your life that Love of some kind conquered and completely turned the situation around? Are there spaces in your life you have blocked off and are not allowing love to enter into? I would be honored if you guys could share your stories with me…stories of your most difficult moments, stories of moments that have taken your breath away in the most magical way, stories you are in the middle of right now no matter how sweet or ugly they may feel. I would like to use these stories to travel around the country with and be the heart of my classes. Your names will never be spoken of, but your stories may be. Imagine the healing it could bring for others to know that what they are walking  through/ have walked through is a space they are not alone in. Join me and help me share these stories as proof of Love Conquering ALL! If love hasn’t conquered yet, it is only a matter of time…