San Antonio, TX 2015-16 Winners


Award NameAward RecipientStudio Name
Marjorie PerryHeather StolleEcho Dance Company
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipAbby VasquezCedar Park Dance Company
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipKatelyn AdamsInsight Dance Ensemble
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipMina WillisInsight Dance Ensemble
Retter's Audition ScholarshipAllison BoydInsight Dance Ensemble
Retter's Audition ScholarshipKarolina RoderoBROWNSVILLE DANCE CENTER
Retter's Audition ScholarshipAlexis WoodEcho Dance Company
Regional ScholarshipAshton HampeyEcho Dance Company
Regional ScholarshipSummer StolleEcho Dance Company
Regional ScholarshipIsaiah CavalleroInsight Dance Ensemble
Regional ScholarshipAbby AmayaEcho Dance Company
Summer Intensive - HALFAmy WentworthCedar Park Dance Company
Summer Intensive - FULLSarah WentworthCedar Park Dance Company
National Scholarship - Junior ClassAlessandra GonzalezInsight Dance Ensemble
National Scholarship - Junior ClassRaven NorrisDance Unlimited
National Scholarship - Junior ClassGiselle GuerreroBalance Dance Studios
National Scholarship - Teen ClassKennady McClureInsight Dance Ensemble
National Scholarship - Teen ClassBrookLyn BurkeChrissy's Dance Academy
National Scholarship - Teen ClassAnnabelle GuerreroBalance Dance Studios
Tommy's National Junior ScholarshipSkylar PowellDance Unlimited
Tommy's National Teen ScholarshipAlivia LangleyCedar Park Dance Company
Tommy's National Senior ScholarshipMorgan MaynardCedar Park Dance Company
Keith's National Junior ScholarshipAlyssa AlvaThe Leading Edge Dance Company
Keith's National Teen ScholarshipNoelani GuerreroMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Keith's National Senior ScholarshipSutton KorffInsight Dance Ensemble
Becca's National CDA ScholarshipGrace LageschulteMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Becca's National CDA ScholarshipLucy Kate HillLonestar Collective Dance
Becca's National CDA ScholarshipZoe GardnerInsight Dance Ensemble
Matt's National Junior ScholarshipDylan FletcherInsight Dance Ensemble
Matt's National Teen ScholarshipEmma VicanaThe Leading Edge Dance Company
Matt's National Senior ScholarshipHannah VasquezCedar Park Dance Company
Kathryn's National Junior ScholarshipAddisyn LindholmDance Unlimited
Kathryn's National Teen ScholarshipMolly Jane DunneEVOLVE Dance Company
Kathryn's National Senior ScholarshipSadie BrinkmanCedar Park Dance Company
Seth’s National CDA ScholarshipMailen AlvarezThe Leading Edge Dance Company
Seth's National Teen ScholarshipBella RiveraCedar Park Dance Company
Seth's National Senior ScholarshipMaddie KlumbMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Brooke's National Junior ScholarshipAli BordeauDance Unlimited
Brooke's National Senior ScholarshipTracy KnoespelInsight Dance Ensemble
Dejan's National Junior ScholarshipBailey GuzmanKyle Conservatory of Performing Arts
Dejan's National Teen ScholarshipKyleigh NikkelsJoni's Dance Studio
Dejan's National Senior ScholarshipHannah MalinowskiGreater Austin Dance Academy
Robert’s National Junior ScholarshipKennedy DiddensInsight Dance Ensemble
Robert's National Teen ScholarshipMorgan PerschyTriple Threat Dance Company
Steven BoydEmma HowellInsight Dance Ensemble
Steven BoydBrooke McDonoughKansas Dance Academy
Steven BoydAngel Star McGowanLonestar Collective Dance
Social Media Scholarship@alyssaminear
The Giving Key ScholarshipLauren La BauveMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes

Solo Awards

Award NameAward RecipientStudio Name 
Miss CDA 2nd Runner UpMia NicholasCedar Park Dance Company
Miss CDA First Runner UpMadalynn CatmanDance Unlimited
Miss CDA High ScoreJewel LindholmDance Unlimited
Miss Junior 4th Runner UpSam MurdockCedar Park Dance Company
Miss Junior 3rd Runner UpAnsley BusbeeLonestar Collective Dance
Miss Junior 2nd Runner UpKate LoveDance Unlimited
Miss Junior 1st Runner UpGabriella CastroDance by Carly
Miss Junior High ScoreAli BordeauDance Unlimited
Mr Junior High ScoreBrody AndersonEVOLVE Dance Company
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner UpMolly Jane DunneEVOLVE Dance Company
Miss Pre-Teen 3rd Runner UpAlessandra GonzalezInsight Dance Ensemble
Miss Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpAnabelle GuerreroBalance Dance Studios
Miss Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpKirstyn LeschberChrissy's Dance Academy
Miss Pre-Teen High ScoreMorgan PerschyTriple Threat Dance Company
Miss Teen 4th Runner UpTaylor BassEcho Dance Company
Miss Teen 3rd Runner UpKalyssa LauerRobin's Dance Studio
Miss Teen 2nd Runner UpAshley KwasnaSan Antonio Dance Academy
Miss Teen 1st Runner UpVeriti StagerThe Leading Edge Dance Company
Miss Teen High ScoreAmy WentworthCedar Park Dance Company
Miss Senior 4th Runner UpAshton HampeyEcho Dance Company
Miss Senior 3rd Runner UpMorgan MaynardCedar Park Dance Company
Miss Senior 2nd Runner UpMina WillisInsight Dance Ensemble
Miss Senior 1st Runner UpSarah WentworthCedar Park Dance Company
Miss Senior High ScoreSummer StolleEcho Dance Company
Mr Senior High ScoreDylan AdamsDance Unlimited

CDA & Junior Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
CDA Line Judges ChoiceMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes136 Country Cuties
CDA Line Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble133 Heart and Soul
CDA High ScoreLonestar Collective Dance134 Still in Love with You
Junior Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceKyle Conservatory of Performing Arts145 When Youre All Alone
Junior Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceJoni's Dance Studio187 Little Bitty Pretty One
Junior Duo/Trio Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble179 Everything Has Changed
Junior Group Judges ChoiceKyle Conservatory of Performing Arts167 Whip My Hair
Junior Group Judges ChoiceBROWNSVILLE DANCE CENTER254 Me and My Girls
Junior Group Best of CategoryLonestar Collective Dance177 Big Girls Don’t Cry
Junior Line Judges ChoiceRobin's Dance Studio150 Kids in America
Junior Line Best of CategoryBROWNSVILLE DANCE CENTER166 Burnin Up
Junior High ScoreDance Unlimited173 Roxbury

Pre-Teen Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceDance Unlimited176 Love
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes158 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble170 Battle for the Throne
Pre-Teen Group Judges ChoiceKinetic Movement Center168 Blame It on the Boogie
Pre-Teen Group Judges ChoiceKyle Conservatory of Performing Arts149 Work
Pre-Teen Group Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble159 Little Red Wagon
Pre-Teen Line Judges ChoiceMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes142 Mama I’m a Big Girl Now
Pre-Teen Line Judges ChoiceDefine Dance and Arts Studio190 Taberly
Pre-Teen Line Best of CategoryRobin's Dance Studio174 Beethovens Secrets
Pre-Teen Production Judges ChoiceGreater Austin Dance Academy192 32 Flavors
Pre-Teen Production Judges ChoiceBROWNSVILLE DANCE CENTER182 Treasure Hunt
Pre-Teen Production Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble197 Low
Pre-Teen High ScoreRobin's Dance Studio186 I Got Rhythm

Teen Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Teen Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceSan Antonio Dance Academy208 Odalisques
Teen Duo/Trio Best of CategoryThe Leading Edge Dance Company216 Hello My Old Heart
Teen Group Judges ChoiceMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes230 Try to Keep Up with Me
Teen Group Best of CategoryBROWNSVILLE DANCE CENTER231 Fame
Teen Line Judges ChoiceSan Antonio Dance Academy242 Fun
Teen Line Judges ChoiceEcho Dance Company211 Break Free
Teen Line Best of CategoryRobin's Dance Studio243 Money
Teen High ScoreInsight Dance Ensemble245 Beatles Love

Senior Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Senior Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceLonestar Collective Dance219 Marry the Man Today
Senior Duo/Trio Judges ChoiceDefine Dance and Arts Studio223 Uptown Funk
Senior Duo/Trio Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble227 Got It
Senior Group Judges ChoiceMichelle’s Dance Company236 Sweet Dreams
Senior Group Judges ChoiceGreater Austin Dance Academy235 Running with the Wolves
Senior Group Best of CategoryEcho Dance Company226 Leave Your Lover
Senior Line Best of CategoryInsight Dance Ensemble201 Quintet for Glass and Strings
Senior High ScoreInsight Dance Ensemble233 Cities

Overall Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Entertainment AwardDefine Dance and Arts Studio237 INMachine
Overall High ScoreCedar Park Dance Company238 Holy Water

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