Pittsburgh 2017-18 Winners


Award NameAward RecipientStudio Name
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipAvery GenicolaDance Expressions by Erica
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipMary Grace GeiseMagnificat High School
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipMadison BauzaAll About Dance by Kristen
Retter's Audition ScholarshipOlivia BeachPerformance Plus
Retter's Audition ScholarshipJenna BruglerCentre Dance
Retter's Audition ScholarshipChristine JakynaMagnificat High School
Audition Regional ScholarshipJillian ButchkiDance Mechanics
Audition Regional ScholarshipJulia MillerCentre Dance
Audition Regional ScholarshipAnna GorenfloCentre Dance
Audition Regional ScholarshipBrianna DekleverDance Mechanics
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipGwendolyn WojtkunMagnificat High School
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipRyan NogyDance Mechanics
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipMaura JumpDance Expressions by Erica
Summer Intensive - HALFKennedy TrentDance Expressions by Erica
Summer Intensive - HALFPeyton St. JohnMagnificat High School
Summer Intensive - HALFPrince RayThe Dance Movement
CDI IntensiveAlexis BainesMartell School of Dance
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassLily Rowan8 Count Dance
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassKaylee Reynolds8 Count Dance
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassStella MorrisCentre Dance
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassLindsey WeaverCentre Dance
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassBrooke KosinskiDance Mechanics
Tommy's National Junior ScholarshipMakayla ClarkDance Mechanics
Tommy's National Teen ScholarshipAnna ByersSiri's School of the Performing Arts
Tommy's National Senior ScholarshipMitsana SandersonMagnificat High School
Erica’s National Junior ScholarshipAshlyn Smith8 Count Dance
Erica’s National Teen ScholarshipEmilee Sullivan8 Count Dance
Erica’s National Senior ScholarshipRachel AhnCentre Dance
Keith's National Junior ScholarshipAoife SaluskyDancer’s Studio
Keith’s National Teen ScholarshipParker DavisK Studio
Keith’s National Senior ScholarshipPayton St JohnMagnificat High School
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipMarissa LitzDance Mechanics
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipTalia BerardinelliAll About Dance by Kristen
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipKaleigh MauderAll About Dance by Kristen
Robert’s National Junior ScholarshipAudrey PorterDance Expressions by Erica
Robert’s National Teen ScholarshipTessa Miracle8 Count Dance
Robert’s National Senior ScholarshipRyan NogyDance Mechanics
Kathryn’s National Junior ScholarshipLauren ZonaDance Expressions by Erica
Kathryn’s National Teen ScholarshipKensington WheelerK Studio
Kathryn’s National Senior ScholarshipMollie CarnealThe Dance Movement
Seth’s National Camp Dance ScholarshipMia VulgrisJessie’s girls Dance Company
Seth's National Junior ScholarshipNikki PenceMiss Dicey’s School of Dance
Seth's National Teen ScholarshipAnna ScourtisCentre Dance
Seth's National Senior ScholarshipAbigail MosierDDCC of April School of Dance
Kyle’s National Junior ScholarshipLogan SpeerAbsolute Dance
Kyle’s National Teen ScholarshipJillian PorterDance Mechanics
Kyle’s National Senior ScholarshipNeje ChounramanyMartell School of Dance
Brooke's National Junior ScholarshipNina SperanzaDance by Cami
Brooke's National Teen ScholarshipLandry Torres8 Count Dance
Brooke's National Senior ScholarshipKennedy TrentDance Expressions by Erica
Dejan's National Junior ScholarshipLeanne Wells8 Count Dance
Dejan's National Teen ScholarshipAbbey BarronDancer’s Studio
Dejan's National Senior ScholarshipPrince RayThe Dance Movement
Courage ScholarshipValentina BrunoMoschettas Performing Arts Center
Courage ScholarshipElizabeth GolaszewskiCentre Dance
Courage ScholarshipFallyn KauffmanCentre Dance
The Giving Key ScholarshipAlivia LeylandSiri's School of the Performing Arts
Making Noise ScholarshipKaylee BaumcratzDancer’s Studio
Making Noise ScholarshipMcGee HuffmanAll About Dance by Kristen
Making Noise ScholarshipPayton St. JohnMagnificat High School
Social Media ScholarshipLizzy HooperMiss Dicey's School of Dance

Solo Awards

Award NameAward RecipientStudio NameRoutine Name
Miss Camp Dance 3rd Runner UpMila VulgrisJessie’s Girls Dance CompanyGet Back Up Again
Miss Camp Dance 2nd Runner UpChloe MorrisDance Expressions by EricaName In Lights
Miss Camp Dance 1st Runner UpBrenna PfeiferDance Expressions by EricaCause I’m a Blonde
Miss Camp Dance High ScoreMackenzie ColeSandra Lynn’s School of DanceUpside Down
Mr. Camp Dance High ScoreJax KamenskyDance Expressions by EricaChampion
Miss Junior 4th Runner UpElla Sainato8 Count DanceInside of Me
Miss Junior 3rd Runner UpAshley ZonaDance Expressions by EricaThe Storm
Miss Junior 2nd Runner UpHaylie KingDance by CamiWhen I Get My Name in Lights
Miss Junior 1st Runner UpAddison EvansDance Expressions by EricaCalifornia Dreamin’
Miss Junior High ScoreFallyn KauffmanCentre DanceElectricity
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner UpAutumn MinkDance Expressions by EricaNot About Angels
Miss Pre-Teen 3rd Runner UpStella MorrisCentre DanceWalk Out the Door
Miss Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpShay KaminskiCentre DanceBring to Light
Miss Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpAmelia RaterCentre DanceSerenade
Miss Pre-Teen High ScoreLindsey WeaverCentre DanceHunting
Mr. Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpGavin McGuireButler School of DanceA Dream of Life
Mr. Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpJack ChadwickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterBudapest
Mr. Pre-Teen High ScoreZachary RitchieCentre DanceThats It, I Quit
Miss Teen 4th Runner UpAnna ScourtisCentre DanceHeart in My Hands
Miss Teen 3rd Runner UpAinsley ChadwickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterWhere the light gets in
Miss Teen 2nd Runner UpBrooke KosinskiDance MechanicsThe Sky in the Room
Miss Teen 1st Runner UpAbbey BarronDancer’s StudioStorm
Miss Teen High ScoreTessa Miracle8 Count DanceBrother
Miss Senior 4th Runner UpKennedy TrentDance Expressions by EricaShaped Like a Gun
Miss Senior 3rd Runner UpAlison TaylorDance MechanicsThe Hunting
Miss Senior 2nd Runner UpElizabeth GolaszewskiCentre DanceWork
Miss Senior 1st Runner UpRyan NogyDance MechanicsNever Think
Miss Senior High ScoreKylee KillianStar-Styled Dance CenterOver Soon
Mr. Senior 1st Runner UpEvan WestMiss Dicey’s School of DanceI didnt know my own strength
Mr. Senior High ScoreTomas BalkMoschettas Performing Arts CenterAll That Jazz

Style High Score Awards

Age CategorySize CategoryStyle CategoryStudio NameRoutine Name
Camp Dance AdventureDuo/TrioJazzDance MechanicsWhip My Hair
Camp Dance AdventureDuo/TrioMusical TheaterDance Expressions by EricaCurious Cats
Camp Dance AdventureGroupJazzAll About Dance by KristenDiner Girls
Camp Dance AdventureGroupTapAll About Dance by KristenCmon Everybody
Camp Dance AdventureGroupVarietyDance MechanicsBathing Beauties
Camp Dance AdventureLineJazzDance MechanicsBoot Scootin Baby
JuniorDuo/TrioJazzJessie's girls Dance CompanyBlame it on the Boogie
JuniorDuo/TrioTapDance by CamiHandclap
JuniorDuo/TrioVarietyDance by CamiTea Party
JuniorDuo/TrioContemporaryDance Expressions by EricaRed Football
JuniorDuo/TrioMusical TheaterDance Expressions by EricaPopular
JuniorGroupJazzAll About Dance by KristenHouse Work
JuniorGroupLyricalCentre DanceThe Valley
JuniorGroupTapAll About Dance by KristenFaith
JuniorGroupHip HopCentre DanceOMG
JuniorGroupVarietyDance MechanicsCircus of Wonders
JuniorGroupMusical TheaterDance Expressions by EricaYou Guys!
JuniorLineLyricalK StudioA New Day
JuniorLineTapDance by Cami5678
JuniorLineHip HopAll About Dance by KristenThis Is How We Do
JuniorLineVarietyMiss Dicey's School of DanceCooties
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioJazzCentre DanceCan You Do This
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioLyricalDance Expressions by EricaAgony
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioTapK StudioJoint Is Jumpin'
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioHip HopCentre DanceP.Y.T.
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioVarietyCentre DanceCarousel
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioContemporaryCentre DanceGrow
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioMusical TheaterK StudioFriend Like Me
Pre-TeenGroupJazzDance MechanicsCold Hearted Snake
Pre-TeenGroupLyricalDance Expressions by EricaPraying
Pre-TeenGroupTapAll About Dance by KristenBossa Nova Baby
Pre-TeenGroupHip HopDancer's StudioLegit
Pre-TeenGroupVarietyCentre DanceBrit Mix
Pre-TeenGroupContemporaryDance Expressions by EricaHanging On
Pre-TeenGroupMusical TheaterDance Expressions by EricaBeauty Queens
Pre-TeenLineJazzK StudioI Love Me
Pre-TeenLineTapDance by CamiTime for Tea
Pre-TeenLineVarietyDance by CamiDancing Fool
Pre-TeenLineContemporaryDance MechanicsLight Never Fails
Pre-TeenExtended LineMusical TheaterDancer's StudioNewsies
Pre-TeenProductionJazzAll About Dance by KristenSimply Gaga
Pre-TeenProductionHip HopCentre DanceBaewatch
TeenDuo/TrioBalletDance by CamiCoppelia
TeenDuo/TrioJazzK StudioWe Turn It Up
TeenDuo/TrioLyricalDance Expressions by EricaMiss You
TeenDuo/TrioTapDancer's StudioPiano
TeenDuo/TrioVarietyStar-Styled Dance CenterJungle Book
TeenDuo/TrioContemporaryCentre DanceNobody but the Baby
TeenGroupJazzDance by CamiLet's Get Loud
TeenGroupLyricalDance Expressions by EricaA Second Chance
TeenGroupTapDance MechanicsHow Sweet It Is
TeenGroupVarietyDancer's StudioErase
TeenGroupContemporaryDance MechanicsDepth Over Distance
TeenLineJazzAll About Dance by KristenJourney
TeenLineLyricalK StudioWhat the World Needs Now
TeenLineTapCentre DanceRiver
TeenLineHip HopAll About Dance by KristenDon't Get Comortable
TeenLineContemporaryAll About Dance by KristenJust Be
TeenLineMusical TheaterMoschettas Performing Arts CenterBlue Suede Shoes
TeenProductionJazzCentre DanceWork
TeenProductionHip HopCentre DanceBun Up the Dance
SeniorDuo/TrioBalletDance by CamiImpression Sunrise
SeniorDuo/TrioJazzDance by CamiBang Bang
SeniorDuo/TrioLyricalDance MechanicsHeaven Knows
SeniorDuo/TrioTapDance by CamiElectric Swing
SeniorDuo/TrioHip HopCentre DanceBig Fish
SeniorDuo/TrioContemporaryDance MechanicsHero
SeniorGroupJazzStarlight Dance AcademySeven Nation Army
SeniorGroupLyricalCentre DanceWe Used To
SeniorGroupTapAll About Dance by KristenPeg
SeniorGroupVarietyMagnificat High SchoolJolene
SeniorGroupContemporaryDance MechanicsEvergreen
SeniorGroupMusical TheaterK Studio20th Century Fox Mambo
SeniorLineJazzDance MechanicsKill of the Night
SeniorLineLyricalDance MechanicsWe Dont Eat
SeniorLineTapDance by CamiAmerican Victory
SeniorLineHip HopMagnificat High SchoolPep Rally
SeniorLineContemporaryCentre DanceWord Up
SeniorLineMusical TheaterDance MechanicsMoney
SeniorProductionJazzMagnificat High SchoolEyes
SeniorProductionLyricalMagnificat High SchoolI Remember Her
SeniorProductionContemporaryMagnificat High SchoolMillion Dollar Secret
SeniorProductionMusical TheaterMagnificat High SchoolGlam

Camp Dance/Junior Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Camp Dance Duo/Trio Runner UpDance MechanicsWhip My Hair
Camp Dance Duo/Trio High ScoreDance Expressions by EricaCurious Cats
Camp Dance Group Judges PickDance MechanicsPut It In the Piggy
Camp Dance Group Runner UpDance MechanicsBathing Beauties
Camp Dance Group High ScoreAll About Dance by KristenDiner Girls
Camp Dance Line High ScoreDance MechanicsBoot Scootin Baby
Camp Dance High ScoreAll About Dance by KristenCmon Everybody
Junior Duo/Trio Judges PickDancer’s StudioOpening Up
Junior Duo/Trio Judges PickJessie’s girls Dance CompanyBlame it on the Boogie
Junior Duo/Trio Judges PickMiss Dicey's School of DanceChillin like a villian
Junior Duo/Trio Runner UpDance Expressions by EricaRed Football
Junior Duo/Trio High ScoreDance by CamiHandclap
Junior Group Judges PickCentre DanceOMG
Junior Group Judges PickMiss Dicey's School of DanceRotten to the Core
Junior Group Judges PickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterHound Dog
Junior Group Runner UpAll About Dance by KristenBridesmaids
Junior Group High ScoreDance Expressions by EricaYou Guys!
Junior Line Judges PickK StudioA New Day
Junior Line Judges PickMiss Dicey's School of DanceCooties
Junior Line Runner UpAll About Dance by KristenThis Is How We Do
Junior Line High ScoreDance by Cami5678
Junior High ScoreAll About Dance by KristenHouse Work

Pre-Teen Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickDancer’s StudioTime
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickK StudioFriend Like Me
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges Pick8 Count DanceOne Woman Army
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Runner UpCentre DanceYou are a Memory
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio High ScoreCentre DanceGrow
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterBlack Parade
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickK StudioSatellite
Pre-Teen Group Judges Pick8 Count DanceEmpire
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickDancer’s StudioLegit
Pre-Teen Group Runner UpCentre DanceSpectrum
Pre-Teen Group High ScoreDance Expressions by EricaPraying
Pre-Teen Line Judges PickMiss Dicey's School of DanceSign of times
Pre-Teen Line Judges PickK StudioRecover
Pre-Teen Line Judges PickDance by CamiDancing Fool
Pre-Teen Line Judges PickDancer’s StudioNewsies
Pre-Teen Line Runner UpCentre DanceDoves
Pre-Teen Line High ScoreDance MechanicsLight Never Fails
Pre-Teen Production Judges PickCentre DanceBaewatch
Pre-Teen Production Runner UpCentre DanceGive Him a Great Big Kiss
Pre-Teen Production High ScoreAll About Dance by KristenSimply Gaga
Pre-Teen High ScoreDance Expressions by EricaHanging On

Teen Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickMiss Dicey’s School of DanceSoldier
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterHavana
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickStar-Styled Dance CenterGod Help the Outcasts
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickDancer’s StudioWild Horses
Teen Duo/Trio Runner UpDancer’s StudioPiano
Teen Duo/Trio High ScoreCentre DanceNobody but the Baby
Teen Group Judges PickDancer’s StudioBy The Church
Teen Group Judges PickAll About Dance by KristenChurch Ladies
Teen Group Judges PickDance by CamiLet’s Get Loud
Teen Group Runner UpDance Expressions by EricaA Second Chance
Teen Group High ScoreCentre DanceThe Wall
Teen Line Judges PickAll About Dance by KristenDon’t Get Comfortable
Teen Line Judges PickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterSignature Shuffle
Teen Line Judges PickK StudioWhat the World Needs Now
Teen Line Judges PickDancexcelMercy
Teen Line Runner UpCentre DanceRiver
Teen Line High ScoreMoschettas Performing Arts CenterBlue Suede Shoes
Teen Production Runner UpK StudioWhat About Your Friends
Teen Production High ScoreCentre DanceBun Up the Dance
Teen High ScoreDance MechanicsDepth Over Distance

Senior Group Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Senior Duo/Trio Judges PickDancer’s StudioWild Waters
Senior Duo/Trio Judges PickMoschettas Performing Arts CenterChange is Everything
Senior Duo/Trio Judges PickDance by CamiBang Bang
Senior Duo/Trio Judges Pick8 Count DanceSilhouette
Senior Duo/Trio Runner UpDance by CamiFeeling Good
Senior Duo/Trio High ScoreDance MechanicsHero
Senior Group Judges PickK StudioThe Agony of the Feet
Senior Group Judges PickDancer’s StudioBack To The Garden
Senior Group Judges PickStarlight Dance AcademySeven Nation Army
Senior Group Runner UpDance Expressions by EricaArmy Wives
Senior Group High ScoreDance MechanicsEvergreen
Senior Line Judges PickDance by CamiAmerican Victory
Senior Line Judges PickStar-Styled Dance CenterPiece By Piece
Senior Line Judges PickMagnificat High SchoolPep Rally
Senior Line Runner UpCentre DanceWord Up
Senior Line High ScoreDance MechanicsKill of the Night
Senior Production Judges PickMagnificat High SchoolI Remember Her
Senior Production Runner UpMagnificat High SchoolGlam
Senior Production High ScoreMagnificat High SchoolMillion Dollar Secret
Senior High ScoreMagnificat High SchoolJolene

Overall Awards

Award NameStudio NameRoutine Name
Stand Out StudioCentre Dance
Shaffer StudioDancer’s Studio
Judges Top PickAll About Dance by KristenPeg
Overall High ScoreDance MechanicsHow Sweet It Is