San Antonio Winners 2019-20 Tour


Award NameAward RecipientStudio Name
Tommy's National Junior ScholarshipCampbell KaponoAlisa's Dance Academy
Tommy's National Teen ScholarshipNate MuellerChrissy's Dance Academy
Tommy's National Senior ScholarshipHailee MartinInsight Dance Ensemble
Erica’s National Junior ScholarshipJaelynn GachettCollective Dance Artistry
Erica’s National Teen ScholarshipDylan FletcherInsight Dance Ensemble
Erica’s National Senior ScholarshipEliana CouchmanEVOLVE Dance Company
Justin’s National Junior ScholarshipHaley SolinAlisa's Dance Academy
Justin’s National Teen ScholarshipIsabella BarberDance Xplosion
Justin’s National Senior ScholarshipSloane BurkholderEcho Dance Company
Keith's National Junior ScholarshipDoc AseronAlisa's Dance Academy
Keith’s National Teen ScholarshipReese McDonaldInsight Dance Ensemble
Keith’s National Senior ScholarshipKaylie BeardAlisa's Dance Academy
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipAmelie FlamantDance Xplosion
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipHailey BrazealMomentum Dance
Becca's National Camp Dance ScholarshipHaiden KezarChrissy's Dance Academy
Channing’s National Junior ScholarshipHitansh ModugulaInsight Dance Ensemble
Channing’s National Teen ScholarshipPeyton NowellDance Xplosion
Channing’s National Senior ScholarshipEmma WatsonMomentum Dance
Kathryn’s National Junior ScholarshipMadeline MorrisEcho Dance Company
Kathryn’s National Teen ScholarshipYuno InoueMove Dance and Fitness
Kathryn’s National Senior ScholarshipRose RayAlisa's Dance Academy
Seth’s National Camp Dance ScholarshipMichael CisnerosInsight Dance Ensemble
Seth's National Junior ScholarshipCarmel LouDancers Workshop
Seth's National Teen ScholarshipKay ElliottPremiere Dance Center
Seth's National Senior ScholarshipMolly McBurneyAlisa's Dance Academy
Brooke's National Junior ScholarshipAbigail OgilbyAlisa's Dance Academy
Brooke's National Teen ScholarshipJessica LinAlisa's Dance Academy
Brooke's National Senior ScholarshipReese MeridethMomentum Dance
Dejan's National Junior ScholarshipMaKayla HernandezChrissy's Dance Academy
Dejan's National Teen ScholarshipNoely PerezChrissy's Dance Academy
Dejan's National Senior ScholarshipKierra EvansNB Dance & Company
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipHaley BordasAlisa's Dance Academy
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipClaire MoynihanInsight Dance Ensemble
Clifton's Audition ScholarshipSutton KorffInsight Dance Ensemble
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipHope NealCentre Dance
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipElizabeth GolaszewskiCentre Dance
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipAbigail StinnettIndependent
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipKali SmithChrissy's Dance Academy
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipAlejandra LedesmaInsight Dance Ensemble
Movement Lifestyle ScholarshipEmily ArmstrongAcademy of Dance Music Theatre
Audition Regional ScholarshipLauren ChavezAlisa's Dance Academy
Audition Regional ScholarshipNikki OntiverosMomentum Dance
Audition Regional ScholarshipLara GolladayExpressions Dance & Music
Audition Regional ScholarshipLauren HolmesMomentum Dance
Audition Regional ScholarshipKennady McClureInsight Dance Ensemble
Audition Regional ScholarshipAngela CoxPremiere Dance Center
Audition Scholarships - Junior and Teen Class
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassKiana MejiaChrissy's Dance Academy
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassKeighan KinardChrissy's Dance Academy
Audition Regional Scholarship - Junior ClassRiley CorcoranChrissy's Dance Academy
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassNicole LarsonCollective Dance Artistry
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassChanel LeeChrissy's Dance Academy
Audition Regional Scholarship - Teen ClassBrooklyn KennellInsight Dance Ensemble
Courage ScholarshipHannah FogelDancers Workshop
Courage ScholarshipMiriam AllenEVOLVE Dance Company
Courage ScholarshipBryn BernalInsight Dance Ensemble
Courage ScholarshipKathryn GregoirePremiere Dance Center
Courage ScholarshipSophia YuDance Xplosion
Courage ScholarshipSavannah FreyAlisa's Dance Academy
Courage ScholarshipMaddie HellstenChrissy's Dance Academy
Courage ScholarshipGabi ProctorJ'adore DANCE
Courage ScholarshipChristianette CaroGroundworks7
Courage ScholarshipKirstyn LeschberChrissy's Dance Academy
Making Noise ScholarshipAngela CoxPremiere Dance Center
Making Noise ScholarshipAbigail StinnettIndependent
Making Noise ScholarshipChloe MaddingArtistic Soul Dance Company
The Giving Key ScholarshipAlli GameroEVOLVE Dance Company
Social Media ScholarshipKeighan KinardChrissy's Dance Academy

Solo Awards

Award NameAward RecipientRoutine NameStudio Name
Miss Camp Dance High ScoreSavannah StewartBom BomEMERGE Dance Company
Miss Junior 4th Runner UpCharlotte WeenigWhen You BelieveAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Junior 3rd Runner UpKate DiddensWalking On SunshineInsight Dance Ensemble
Miss Junior 2nd Runner UpSkye HarrellDog Days Are OverDancers Workshop
Miss Junior 1st Runner UpAvery BeckerSTARDUSTEVOLVE Dance Company
Miss Junior High ScoreHarper OatmanMY GIRLEVOLVE Dance Company
Miss Pre-Teen 4th Runner UpMarlee HakansonOctober SkiesImpact Dance Company
Miss Pre-Teen 3rd Runner UpJuliana ReyesLast of Its KindCollective Dance Artistry
Miss Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpNicole LarsonTo the End of the EarthCollective Dance Artistry
Miss Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpRisa RiojasBattleDancers Workshop
Miss Pre-Teen High ScoreMaddie HellstenWashChrissy's Dance Academy
Mr. Pre-Teen 2nd Runner UpAryan BhaktaAbout That WalkInsight Dance Ensemble
Mr. Pre-Teen 1st Runner UpHitansh ModugulaSundays BestInsight Dance Ensemble
Mr. Pre-Teen High ScoreMicah BestAQUATICEVOLVE Dance Company
Miss Teen 4th Runner UpSophie SchultzUnbrokenAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Teen 3rd Runner UpSavannah FreyMarathon in RosesAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Teen 2nd Runner UpAudrey FrilouxO God Protect MeAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Teen 1st Runner UpCammy Rutley-KreisCase Of YouAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Teen High ScoreSophie ScottUntil SomehowAlisa's Dance Academy
Mr. Teen 2nd Runner UpMason WardRunningAlisa's Dance Academy
Mr. Teen 1st Runner UpDylan FletcherSomebody To LoveInsight Dance Ensemble
Mr. Teen High ScoreBraden WardNo TimeAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Senior 4th Runner UpHaley BordasYoure My GirlAlisa's Dance Academy
Miss Senior 3rd Runner UpAngela CoxNever Too LatePremiere Dance Center
Miss Senior 2nd Runner UpMolly Jane DunneINDESTRUCTABLEEVOLVE Dance Company
Miss Senior 1st Runner UpChloe MaddingFull CircleArtistic Soul Dance Company
Miss Senior High ScoreLara GolladayTime, as a symptomExpressions Dance & Music
Mr. Senior High ScoreAndrew NashPlayDV8

Style High Score Awards

Camp Dance AdventureGroupMusical TheaterLost In The SeaInsight Dance Ensemble
JuniorDuo/TrioJazzCar WashAlisa's Dance Academy
JuniorDuo/TrioLyricalSitting On The DockInsight Dance Ensemble
JuniorDuo/TrioContemporaryNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS FADINGEVOLVE Dance Company
JuniorGroupJazzAint No Mountain High EnoughAlisa's Dance Academy
JuniorGroupLyricalWhere I StandAlisa's Dance Academy
JuniorGroupTapWild Wild WestAlisa's Dance Academy
JuniorGroupHip HopWannabeChrissy's Dance Academy
JuniorGroupContemporaryOOH CHILDEVOLVE Dance Company
JuniorLineBalletDance of the Siamese ChildrenMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
JuniorLineJazzAre You Gonna Be My Girl?Insight Dance Ensemble
JuniorLineTapSpoonful of SugarMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
JuniorLineHip HopGET SILLYEVOLVE Dance Company
JuniorLineContemporaryFOREVER YOUNGEVOLVE Dance Company
JuniorLineMusical TheaterStick It To The ManInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioJazzMove ItAlisa's Dance Academy
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioLyricalFOR OUR MOM AND DADEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioContemporaryTHE LESS WE KNOWEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-TeenDuo/TrioMusical TheaterHakuna MatataDance Unlimited
Pre-TeenGroupBalletAllegro MysteriosoInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-TeenGroupJazzWaste A MomentInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-TeenGroupTapFlamenco InfusedInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-TeenGroupContemporaryLITTLE BIRDEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-TeenGroupMusical TheaterPEANUT BUTTER SANDWICHEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-TeenLineJazzBallroom BlitzInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-TeenLineLyricalHey MaDancers Workshop
Pre-TeenLineHip HopOoh All ThatInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-TeenLineContemporaryAttentionDancers Workshop
Pre-TeenLineMusical TheaterIve Got A DreamMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Pre-TeenExtended LineContemporaryEVERYTHING HAS GROWNEVOLVE Dance Company
TeenDuo/TrioJazzBACK AGAINEVOLVE Dance Company
TeenDuo/TrioContemporaryScarletteAlisa's Dance Academy
TeenGroupBalletJamboreeInsight Dance Ensemble
TeenGroupJazz1977Alisa's Dance Academy
TeenGroupTapSo GoodMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
TeenGroupVarietyMJAcademy of Dance Music Theatre
TeenGroupContemporaryCAN'T FORGETEVOLVE Dance Company
TeenGroupMusical TheaterSH-BOOMEVOLVE Dance Company
TeenLineHip HopCEOsImpact Dance Company
TeenLineContemporaryMy NameNB Dance & Company
TeenExtended LineJazzLove Is LoveInsight Dance Ensemble
TeenExtended LineContemporaryI Wont Be LongImpact Dance Company
SeniorDuo/TrioLyricalSeamlessMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
SeniorDuo/TrioContemporaryPeaksChrissy's Dance Academy
SeniorGroupBalletRedInsight Dance Ensemble
SeniorGroupJazzNo RegretsInsight Dance Ensemble
SeniorGroupLyricalTill I Reach YouAlisa's Dance Academy
SeniorGroupHip HopNewImpact Dance Company
SeniorGroupVarietyBelly Of The BeastInsight Dance Ensemble
SeniorGroupContemporaryBlack and BlueAlisa's Dance Academy
SeniorLineJazzMisbehavinAlisa's Dance Academy
SeniorLineHip HopTurn The Music UpInsight Dance Ensemble
SeniorLineContemporaryDust to LightAlisa's Dance Academy

CDA/Junior Group Awards

Award NameRoutine NameStudio Name
Camp Dance High ScoreLost In The SeaInsight Dance Ensemble
Junior Duo/Trio Judges PickSitting On The DockInsight Dance Ensemble
Junior Duo/Trio Category 3rd PlaceCar WashAlisa's Dance Academy
Junior Duo/Trio Category 2nd PlaceLUMP SUMEVOLVE Dance Company
Junior Duo/Trio High ScoreNOW THAT THE LIGHT IS FADINGEVOLVE Dance Company
Junior Group Judges PickAint No Mountain High EnoughAlisa's Dance Academy
Junior Group Directors PickIts EasyInsight Dance Ensemble
Junior Group Category 3rd PlaceStand UpDancers Workshop
Junior Group Category 2nd PlaceParticlesDancers Workshop
Junior Group High ScoreOOH CHILDEVOLVE Dance Company
Junior Line Judges PickDance of the Siamese ChildrenMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Junior Line Judges PickStick It To The ManInsight Dance Ensemble
Junior Line Directors PickThe ApprenticesAlisa's Dance Academy
Junior Line Category 3rd PlaceAre You Gonna Be My Girl?Insight Dance Ensemble
Junior Line Category 2nd PlaceGET SILLYEVOLVE Dance Company
Junior Line High ScoreFOREVER YOUNGEVOLVE Dance Company
Junior High ScoreWannabeChrissy's Dance Academy

Pre-Teen Group Awards

Award NameRoutine NameStudio Name
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickMove To MiamiNB Dance & Company
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickHakuna MatataDance Unlimited
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Category 3rd PlaceSmall LeafImpact Dance Company
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio Category 2nd PlaceFOR OUR MOM AND DADEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-Teen Duo/Trio High ScoreTHE LESS WE KNOWEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-Teen Group Judges PickTwistDancers Workshop
Pre-Teen Group Directors PickSwingin on a StarMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Pre-Teen Group Category 3rd PlaceWaste A MomentInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-Teen Group Category 2nd PlaceAllegro MysteriosoInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-Teen Group High ScoreSUNDAYEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-Teen Line Judges PickAttentionDancers Workshop
Pre-Teen Line Directors PickDance AnthemInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-Teen Line Category 3rd PlaceHey MaDancers Workshop
Pre-Teen Line Category 2nd Place7 RingsDancers Workshop
Pre-Teen Line High ScoreOoh All ThatInsight Dance Ensemble
Pre-Teen Extended Line High ScoreEVERYTHING HAS GROWNEVOLVE Dance Company
Pre-Teen High ScoreLITTLE BIRDEVOLVE Dance Company

Teen Group Awards

Award NameRoutine NameStudio Name
Teen Duo/Trio Judges PickFlightAlisa's Dance Academy
Teen Duo/Trio Category 3rd PlaceState LinesImpact Dance Company
Teen Duo/Trio Category 2nd PlaceBACK AGAINEVOLVE Dance Company
Teen Duo/Trio High ScoreScarletteAlisa's Dance Academy
Teen Group Judges PickSo GoodMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Teen Group Directors PickMJAcademy of Dance Music Theatre
Teen Group Category 3rd Place1977Alisa's Dance Academy
Teen Group Category 2nd PlaceARE YOU IN LOVE?EVOLVE Dance Company
Teen Group High ScoreNothingnessAlisa's Dance Academy
Teen Line Category 2nd PlaceCEOsImpact Dance Company
Teen Line High ScoreMy NameNB Dance & Company
Teen Extended Line Category 2nd PlaceLove Is LoveInsight Dance Ensemble
Teen Extended Line High ScoreI Wont Be LongImpact Dance Company
Teen High ScoreCAN'T FORGETEVOLVE Dance Company

Senior Group Awards

Award NameRoutine NameStudio Name
Senior Duo/Trio Judges PickSeamlessMs. Tera's Tap 'N Toes
Senior Duo/Trio Directors PickBeyond TodayImpact Dance Company
Senior Duo/Trio Category 3rd PlaceWiserNB Dance & Company
Senior Duo/Trio Category 2nd PlaceAquaticAlisa's Dance Academy
Senior Duo/Trio High ScorePeaksChrissy's Dance Academy
Senior Group Judges PickDance Of The PeddlersInsight Dance Ensemble
Senior Group Directors PickFalda RojaNB Dance & Company
Senior Group Category 3rd PlaceNo RegretsInsight Dance Ensemble
Senior Group Category 2nd PlaceWhen They Try To Make Us SmallDancers Workshop
Senior Group High ScoreChapter 4Impact Dance Company
Senior Line Category 2nd PlaceTurn The Music UpInsight Dance Ensemble
Senior Line High ScoreMisbehavinAlisa's Dance Academy
Senior High ScoreDust to LightAlisa's Dance Academy

Overall Awards

Award NameAward RecipientRoutine NameStudio Name
Shaffer StudioHeather StolleEcho Dance Company
Stand Out StudioMelissa and BrieEVOLVE Dance Company
Judges Top PickSH-BOOMEVOLVE Dance Company
Overall High ScoreBlack and BlueAlisa's Dance Academy