We’re a dance convention & competition, but we are more than that. We are a movement. We want you to feel at home. A part of the family. Everyone who comes through our doors should feel the love of every person on our faculty and staff. It is our mission to create an atmosphere that promotes creativity, self-awareness, individuality, discipline, inspiration and love. We teach dance classes, but more importantly we teach life classes. Our goal is for young people to go home as better versions of themselves. It is not about looking good. It is about making people feel like they are worth looking at. For us at DanceMakers it is not, nor has it ever been, our goal to be the biggest dance company. It is, however, our goal to be the best. Our values reflect the ones that we started with over 30 years ago. The approach we take may be different than other convention & competition companies, but we feel that difference is what makes us, us. Every person on our team — staff, crew and faculty — knows the values, philosophies and culture of DanceMakers and are all aligned in a common direction; to make every person who walks through our doors feel welcomed, loved and supported.

The 2017-18 Trust The Journey tour is meant to be a self empowering journey to find what’s really important and where our place is in the universe. It’s about releasing our preconceived beliefs and realizing that our souls are free. Free to explore the unknowns, to connect with others and to create art. The author Tolstoy said that “art that does good in the world is art, and what doesn’t is not.” When we do good in the world and place others before ourselves we can finally start to find our true meaning; to find our truth. Trophies, scholarships and recognition are all amazing, but what’s really important is how we treat ourselves; and most of all, others. That’s what we hope people take away from this season’s Trust The Journey tour.

Forget what you know about dance conventions and open yourself up to a new experience. A different experience. A DanceMakers experience!