Live Stream Convention
Three Class Levels
Your Favorite Instructors
Multiple Camera Angles
And More!
We are excited to announce our brand new experience - DM Digital. We know there are many dancers and families who do not yet feel comfortable returning to public spaces for extended amounts of time. We are also aware that although some dancers may not feel comfortable taking class, they are ready to compete. DM Digital was created for exactly this reason. This new program will give those dancers access to our LIVE in-person classes from the safety of their hotel room or home. We are thrilled to embark on this new venture that will allow access for everyone to take advantage of the DanceMakers classes you all know and love.
DM Digital is not intended as an "in-studio" convention. Our content is copyright protected. Each studio with DM Digital registered dancers is required to sign a waiver agreeing that each access code is for an individual dancer. Our admin team will be coordinating with all studio owners closer to the event.
Each DM Digital dancer will be issued an individual access code. This will allow one device to stream live classes in their age level only.
Each dancer will be required to register through their home studio for DM Digital to ensure competition entries and potential Scholarships are under the studio name.
Registration for DM Digital will be through the in-person event registration system. Registration for DM Digital will open the same dates as the in-person events, Fall 2020 on September 1, 2020 and Spring 2021 on October 1, 2020.
Registrations for DM Digital must be received by the event’s cut off date to avoid late fees.
Pricing for DM Digital is the same as our in-person DanceMakers convention. DM Digital will be offered to the Junior, Teen and Senior age levels. There are no one day or college rates available for DM Digital at this time.
All registered teachers for our in-person event will be given an access code for DM Digital, IF DM Digital is happening in your city. This will give teachers the access to watch their dancers take class all day from the comfort of their preferred device.
All ages for DM Digital convention are as of January 1, 2021. The age levels are guidelines to our DanceMakers convention experience. Teachers are more than welcome to move dancers to a different age category. This must be done during the online registration process to ensure access to the correct age level. All age levels are final by the cutoff date of your event.
DM Digital dancers are eligible for scholarships. Videos will be submitted through our online portal on DM Digital.
In order to compete, all dancers are required to participate in the full convention weekend - either DM Digital or the DanceMakers in-person.
DM Digital dancers are not required to participate in competition.

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