Nationals Rules and Regulations COVID-19 Update
Seasons 2020-21 Tour
Throughout our Seasons Tour 2020-21, DanceMakers has been aware that studios, dancers, and families have been significantly affected by COVID-19. Many studios have expressed their concerns while planning for Nationals, such as qualifying routines, abiding by our Nationals rules and regulations and scholarships that were negatively affected by canceled events. Below is a package that DanceMakers has put together that addresses these concerns! We feel these new options will significantly help studios and families to join us this summer in Myrtle Beach, SC! All of these rules and regulations are for our Nationals 2021 and are not guaranteed for our 2021-22 Tour.
Pre-Qualifying Video Submission
NEW! This season only, DanceMakers is offering all studios the option to have routines pre-qualify for our Nationals Competition without competing at our Regionals 2020-21. This will only be available for Nationals 2021 due to the challenges studios are facing from COVID-19 this season.
Competition Category, Time Limits and Fees
Category Fee Time Limits # of Dancers
Solo $50 3:00 1
Duo/Trio $50 3:00 2-3
Group $25 3:00 4-9
Line $25 4:00 10-15
Extended Line $25 5:00 16-24
Production $25 6:00 25+
All routines must be registered under a studio account.
All fees are per dancer per routine.
Each studio registered will receive a link to upload a pre-recorded video of the competition routine.
Routines that competed regionally that did not qualify are eligible to pre-qualify via video submission.
Each routine registered will receive a critique and score.
All routines that score 80 points or higher will qualify to compete at Nationals.
Registration will open for pre-qualifying routines on April 1st, 2021 and will be available on our online registration system.
The cut off date for pre-qualifying routines is April 23rd, 2021.
All routines will receive their critique and score by May 11th, 2021.
Registration for Nationals opens on May 12th. All routines that qualified from regionals along with pre-qualifying video submissions will be available to register on a studio account.
You may purchase up to 3 additional minutes of time for any Group, Line, Extended Line, or Production for $5 per dancer, per additional minute. Please contact the home office for this adjustment. A 5 point deduction will be taken if the time limit is exceeded.
Nationals Competition Rules and Regulations
Below are rules that must be abided by for all qualified routines.
50% of the dancers, choreography and music in the Nationals routine must be from the Regional routine.
Competition routines may only move up or down ONE category. Example, a line can move up one category to an extended line or down one category to a group. The line could not move down to a duo/trio or up to a production. The only exceptions are that a duo/trio cannot move down to a solo, and a solo cannot move up to a duo/trio.
Competition routines may not change subject from what it qualified in at Regionals.
COVID-19 Refund Policy
DanceMakers will continue to offer our FULL refund policy for any events canceled due to COVID-19 guidelines. All refunds for canceled events will be returned within 10-15 business days post event. If you choose to pay with a credit card, there will be a credit card processing fee of 3% deducted from your total refund. If you choose to pay with a check there will be no processing fee deducted and you will receive your full total paid. This policy will only be available if the event in its entirety is canceled.
Scholarships and Prizes affected by COVID-19
DanceMakers has gone through all of our scholarships and prizes from the Go Be It Tour 2019-20 Tour that were affected by COVID-19. Check out the details below on what we are doing for each! We feel this is a great package that helps our clients and scholarship winners, while still being conscious of future scholarships and budgets. Our refund policy did have a great effect on what we were able to do in this department and we appreciate your understanding and support.
Award Name Award Received Updated Description
Nationals Scholarship from Faculty Nationals Scholarship 50% off Nationals 2021 convention
Social Media Scholarship Nationals Scholarship 50% off Nationals 2021 convention
Giving Keys Scholarship Nationals Scholarship 50% off Nationals 2021 convention
Making Noise Scholarship Private Tap Class at Nationals Invitation extended to Making Noise at Nationals 2021
Solo Distancing Scholarship Nationals Scholarship 50% off Nationals 2021 convention

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