Daytona Beach, FL

Dec. 16 - 18, 2022

Competition Awards

Solo Awards
All soloists will receive an adjudication score on their scoresheets. Scoresheets can be viewed in the registration online portal starting Sunday at 9 am. All Soloists will receive their Solo Participation Award following their performance. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.
Group Awards
Each group routine will be presented Placement Awards (High 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Style High Scores) at the routine’s designated Awards Ceremony. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.
DanceAgain! Awards
DanceMakers will be giving out DanceAgain! Awards. These awards are presented to select performances from competition that are invited to perform at the Wrap It Ceremony. All DanceAgains! will be announced on Saturday night at the final award ceremony. The line up of performances will be released and posted Sunday by Noon at the Registration and Merchandise Booth.
Wrap It Ceremony
The Wrap It Ceremony includes select performances, scholarships, our overall awards and more! Everyone welcome! No wristbands required. The Wrap It Ceremony will be streamed here on our website and will be available for 30 days post event!
Judging Commentary
All scores will be uploaded by Sunday at 9 am and all critiques will be uploaded by the Tuesday following your event, at 9 am EST to the registration online portal.
Competition Results
Awards will be posted here on our website during and post event! Check out your city page for your results!

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