June 24 - 29, 2023

Dates & Limitations

Registration Opens
Registration Cutoff
Schedule Release Date
6/14/23 by 5pm EST
Rules and Regulations for 2022-23 Tour
Available 6/27/22
Competition Limitations
There are no competition limitations.

Studio Registration Kit

Registration Kits
Registration kits will include scholarship numbers, wristbands, your teacher handbook, a complimentary program and any pre-purchased SoulEscape tickets. Registrations with 10 or more dancers registered will receive their registration kits in the mail pre-event via UPS by the Monday before the event. For studio and independent registrations with 9 dancers or less, we will have your registration kit available on site for pick up. These will be available at our registration booth for pick up during registration hours. If you have any changes that need to be made please send a detailed list to our admin team by 10am the Friday before the event and we will have them ready for you at our registration desk for a swift pick up process.
DanceMakers Coffee Mugs
All registered teachers can pick up their complimentary DM coffee mug that will get you free refills of either hot coffee or tea in the Teacher’s Lounge - Sheraton Ballroom 106-107! These can be picked up anytime during Registration’s posted hours.
VIP Lanyards
NEW this season each registered teacher will receive a VIP lanyard. We feel it is a great way for our faculty and staff, along with other studio owners and teachers in attendance to easily recognize you. It can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and our goal is to make your time with us as easy and seamless as possible. Please note that these are not required to be worn, but encouraged. To enter classrooms during convention you will still need to show your wristband, as these lanyards do not replace your designated wristband.
You will receive a complimentary competition program in your registration kit. Additional programs are for sale at the Merchandise Booth.
Your registration kit includes all of your pre-registered attendees wristbands. All wristbands must be secured on the wrist with only a finger space between the wristband and the wrist. Loose wristbands may be cut off by door monitors. Wristbands must be kept on for all days of the convention. No one will be allowed into classrooms without a wristband. Additional wristbands may be available for sale at Registration, depending on availability. Please contact us prior to confirm availability in ballrooms.
Wristband Level Changes
Level changes can only be made if there is availability in the room. Please contact the home office for availability in rooms. If the space is available on site, all changes must be done at registration with a registered teacher from your studio.
Scholarship Numbers
Your registration kit includes scholarship numbers for all of your pre-registered attendees (excluding teachers). There are two copies of all scholarship numbers within your packet. The second copy is not for another day, but a backup for if the attendee loses their first copy. DanceMakers will not be reprinting any scholarship numbers onsite. The scholarship number should be pinned on their clothing so that the number is visible. All scholarships are picked throughout the week by our faculty members in all age levels. Remember, the number must be visible to our faculty to be eligible.
All registered attendees are required to sign our waiver prior to attending.

Convention and Competition

Classrooms will be limited to registered dancers and teachers only. No observers will be allowed in the convention ballrooms in order to limit the amount of people in each room. The exception to this will be our Camp Dance classroom. Each registered Camp Dance student will receive an observer band that is valid just for that class room.
Convention Tap Boards
DanceMakers is excited to have convention tap boards available for dancers! DanceMakers will be providing tap boards in each of our tap convention classes!
Photography/Video for Competition
Photography and videography during competition are strictly prohibited. Advanced technology of video on cell phones, cameras, etc has forced us to prohibit all camera use. This includes ALL still photography, with or without flash. This is to protect the rights of the choreographer as well as your children’s safety. Any violations can result in routine and/or studio being disqualified.
Competition Music
To upload music log on to your registration portal, click on “Upcoming and Past Events”, find Myrtle Beach Brighter Still Tour 2022-23, then click on “Media Manager”. Here you can upload or preview tracks already uploaded. All music was transferred from your Regional event. Please check all music that the version DanceMakers has is the most up-to-date and transferred over correctly. If you have qualified your routine with the Nationals Digital Pre-Qualifier, you will have to upload your music as you uploaded a video to qualify. Please make all updates by Wednesday, June 21st end of day.
DanceMakers welcomes general props to our competition! However, the use of props is the sole responsibility of the studio. Studios have a total of two minutes to place and remove their props from the stage. It is also the studio’s responsibility to ensure the stage is left clean and clear following their performance. This time limit includes clean up or sweeping time including confetti/glitter/feathers etc. Violation of this rule will result in a 5 point reduction. Teachers, dancers and parents are more than welcome to help with props as long as the judges cannot see any studio affiliation. Please refrain from using fire or helium balloons as well as props being thrown into the judges area and/or audience. DanceMakers cannot guarantee props over 8’h will fit on the stage
Live Stream
DanceMakers will be offering LIVE Streaming for all competition and award ceremonies. Available here under "Stream".
Competition Flow
Showroom A and C will be running simultaneously. All routines have been placed specifically to avoid studio performance time conflicts. Please check in with the Girl’s Dressing Room Manager 30 minutes prior to your performance time. Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to perform at any other time than your assigned performance time to avoid studio performance time conflicts.
Score Sheets
All scores will be uploaded to your registration account online! All scores from competition will be uploaded by Thursday, June 23rd at 9 am EST. DanceMakers will not be printing scoresheets on site.
Teacher’s Lounge and Complimentary Food and Beverage
DanceMakers will be offering a Teacher’s Lounge, Ballroom 106-107 in the Sheraton, for the entire week of Nationals. There will be complimentary coffee at all times, complimentary breakfast Monday - Thursday and complimentary lunch Monday - Wednesday. Come in and have a quiet place to rest your dancing feet. For TEACHERS ONLY! No Assistant Teachers. The Wednesday lunch will be the official luncheon with Brad and Felicia Taylor in Ballroom 206-208 in Sheraton.


Faculty Regional Scholarship
Each faculty member will be picking two students from each age level to honor with a scholarship for two Regional Conventions on the 2023-24 Tour.
Courage Regional Scholarship
Faculty members will be picking ten students from all different age levels to honor with a scholarship for one Regional Convention on the 2023-24 Tour.
Giving Key Scholarship
Faculty members will be picking one student to receive a FULL year scholarship to the 2023-24 Tour.
Independent Lake Camp Scholarship
Independent Lake Camp is excited to be providing a DanceMakers dancer with a FULL tuition scholarship to one camp session this summer and a second dancer with a 50% off tuition scholarship. Offering an impressive array of activities with superb facilities and staff, Independent Lake Camp is a premiere overnight camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania that celebrates diversity, promotes creativity, and empowers individual growth with camper-chosen personalized scheduling.
Pace University Scholarships
DanceMakers is excited to continue our college partnership with Pace University. The scholarships offered will only be open to dancers who are rising to their junior or senior year in high school. The following scholarships will be picked from the Pace Scholarship Audition class:
  • One dancer will be awarded a $75,000 Scholarship to Pace University. This recipient will have to apply to Pace and be accepted academically.
  • One dancer will be awarded a scholarship to the Pace University fall dance intensive. This dancer will be invited to attend this incredible intensive at no cost. Additional details and dates will be provided by Pace University.
Senior Audition Scholarships
From the Pace Scholarship Audition Class, the following DanceMakers scholarships will be picked. All dancers in this room are eligible.
  • Up to 10 Two Regional Convention Scholarships to the 2023-24 Tour
  • Up to 10 Full Year Scholarships to the 2023-24 Tour
CLI Scholarships
DanceMakers is thrilled to announce our new partnership with CLI. Teddy Forance will be teaching a senior contemporary class and directly following will hold an audition for the scholarships to the programs below.
The CLI Conservatory is a groundbreaking new pre-professional dance program designed to help students take the next step in their dance journey. Led by Director Teddy Forance and over 100 industry-leading choreographers, our students get the training, tools, and opportunities they need to launch their professional dance careers. Learn more at
The CLI Conservatory Summer Intensive offers dancers aged 13 to 18 the opportunity to experience what it's like to train at the CLI Conservatory. This program includes a week of training with working professional choreographers, dance on camera training with the CLI Studios content production team, and access to a special community of like-minded dancers. It's the perfect experience for young dancers to explore what it's like to train at the Conservatory. Learn more at
  • One 50% off tuition scholarship to CLI Conservatory ($12,500 value)
  • Up to 10 $1,000 to $2,500 tuition scholarships to CLI Conservatory
  • One full tuition scholarship to CLI Conservatory Summer Intensive ($999 value)
  • Two 50% tuition scholarships to CLI Conservatory Summer Intensive ($500 value)
  • Up to 10 $200 tuition scholarships to CLI Conservatory Summer Intensive
MSA Scholarships
Dancers will be picked from Dejan’s senior audition for several MSA scholarships and discounts. These will be for two of their summer events, Movement Evolution and NYC Remix. The following scholarships will be picked:
  • One half scholarship to Movement Evolution (ages 17+)
  • One quarter scholarship to Movement Evolution (ages 17+)
  • Two half scholarships to NYC Remix (ages 14+)
  • Two quarter scholarships to NYC Remix (ages 14+)
The Collective and Collective JV
Dancers who show an “it” factor are hand chosen by our faculty and invited to attend every stop on the upcoming tour for free. The members of “The Collective and Collective JV” will have the privilege of training, studying and performing with our world renowned teachers and choreographers. This program allows outstanding dancers to become a part of the FAM and travel the country as assistants, performers and staff members for a well rounded experience in the dance industry. The opportunities gained in being a part of this once in a lifetime program will add to the work experiences and performing opportunities for dancers who are on the road to a professional career. DanceMakers will handle travel arrangements and/or accommodations for the dancers chosen for “The Collective and Collective JV” to select cities. The Collective and Collective JV 2023-24 will be chosen from classes by our DanceMakers faculty and will be announced at the Wrap It Ceremony on Thursday.

DanceMakers Performances

National Solo Performance

The National Solo Winners of 2022-23 (Camp Dance High Score, Junior High Score - 4th Runner Up, Pre-Teen High Score - 4th Runner Up, Teen High Score - 19th Runner Up and Senior High Score - 19th Runner Up) will perform Thursday at the Wrap It Ceremony. This is a number choreographed by Seth Zibalese! All of the rehearsals are mandatory and the schedule/locations will be released on 6/14.

Dejan Tubic Audition Class & Performance

Dejan Tubic will be holding an Audition class in each age level. All finalists will be performing on Thursday at the Wrap It Ceremony! All dancers who wish to participate in the Audition must have either black jeans or legging/tights available for the performance on Thursday. A shirt will be provided at costume meeting and is the dancers to keep! All finalists must be present for the performance, corresponding rehearsals and meetings. Each winner will receive a rehearsal schedule at the end of the audition process in their classrooms.

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