Seasons Tour

Bethesda, MD

Mar. 26-28, 2021


VENUE UPDATE 3/2/21: DanceMakers will be moving our Bethesda, MD event to Richmond, VA for 2021! The State of MD and the county where the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center is located is extremely strict on mandates and limitations. They are operating under the mandate that limits them to 10 attendees per ballroom despite the square footage. This, of course, does not work for our event. There is no projection of when this mandate will be lifted!

DanceMakers is excited to announce the new venue in Richmond, VA will be the Greater Richmond Convention Center in partnership with the host hotel of the Downtown Richmond Marriott. DanceMakers successfully hosted an event with these venues in January 2021 and are confident this event with happen based off our experience. The new venue has ample space totaling in over 100k in square footage for all of your dancers to feel safe in our DanceMakers atmosphere.

ROOM RESERVATION UPDATE 3/2/21: All room reservations at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel will be automatically canceled within 24 hours of this announcement if your room was booked within the DaneMakers room block. Sadly, DanceMakers was not able to move all room reservations automatically. All clients will need to make a new reservation at our host hotel. Links are below.

Host Hotel
Hotel Room Block Cutoff: 3/17/21
Hotel Room Block Rate: $139
Overflow Hotel
Hotel Room Block Cutoff: 3/22/21
Hotel Room Block Rate: $145


Registration Cutoff: 3/10/21
Competition Limitations – Each studio may bring up to 50 routines, 20 may be solos. All soloists are limited to one solo per dancer.
Schedule Release Date: 3/17/21 by 5pm EST

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