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The approach we take may be different than other dance conventions & competition companies, but we feel that difference is what makes us, us. Every person on our team - staff, crew and faculty - knows the values, philosophies and culture of DanceMakers and are all aligned in a common direction; to make every person who walks through our doors feel welcomed, loved and supported.
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Don't take our word for it
"In short, DanceMakers changes lives! It is more than just a dance convention. DanceMakers is inspiration, family, and professionalism, all in one! Their faculty is incredible and they truly care about the dancers. The directors and staff are always approachable and so friendly. DM is by far the most organized convention and competition we attend, which not only I appreciate, but our dance parents do as well. If you are looking for a dance convention that can motivate your dancers in the most supportive environment, all while staying cutting edge, this is it!"
Kate Aiello Stage Door Dance Academy
"The reason we love DanceMakers so much is because it is so unique. It is a perfect blend of real world, tough mixed with a kind, encouraging, inclusive atmosphere. It is always so refreshing and exciting to learn from incredible, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals. Their mission and message is always in line with what I hope to see in my dancers. They come home inspired and energized. The staff is always so helpful and friendly. I have the highest respect for the owners and we are grateful for all that DanceMakers has to offer!”
Nicole Swope Centre Dance
"DanceMakers is an experience. It is evident there is a pool of passionate, detail oriented, creative geniuses behind everything that is DanceMakers. As a new studio, they walked us through the entire registration process so patiently and made sure our lack of experience did not effect the overall experience - let alone the Nationals experience. It is life-changing for all who attend. DanceMakers has become so rooted into the EDH culture and it’s because of the overall love for dance, the passionate instructors and AGAIN, the experience. They appreciate each dancer and studio’s uniqueness and celebrate that. That fact alone makes dancers, instructors, owners, and families, appreciate DanceMakers.”
Howard Washington II Elevated Dance HQ
"When I think of being at DanceMakers, I think about being “Home.” The feeling of being at home is comfortable, safe, and a place where dancers feel they are supposed to be anytime they enter classes at DMI. We live in a world where there are many great conventions to choose from; however, there are none that make you feel like DanceMakers. My students leave the weekends feeling inspired, motivated, and like they truly matter. From my most advanced dancers to our newbies and beginners, they each feel seen and supported. The DanceMakers staff is so extremely helpful and as a dance studio owner I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each of them (Jonathan, in the office is an absolute God send). Brad and Felicia, and each faculty member, all go above and beyond to provide the highest quality classes in a safe and extremely positive environment. I truly cannot say enough good things about DanceMakers, and our dancers are already looking forward to their next visit Home.”
Tonya Coker Dance Branson School Of The Arts
"All of us, dancers & teachers alike, always leave inspired, stronger movers & kinder, more enlightened people. The education & encouragement our dancers have received from DanceMakers has undoubtedly helped shape them into artists who move through their souls. DanceMakers has been an integral part of our growth as a studio and we look forward to each and every weekend we are lucky enough to spend with the DMI fam.”
Alex Miner & Sara Frances Koontz Beyond Dance Project
"Brad, Felicia and the Dancemakers staff are phenomenal! From the registration process to the execution of the convention and competition, Dancemakers is extremely detailed and organized. Each teacher finds a way to connect the theme of the season to their classes. Our students always leave the convention super inspired by the energy and passion of the faculty. As a studio director, it's awesome to see how the faculty takes the time to individually help as many students as possible. You can feel how much they make an impact on the dancers. DanceMakers continues to be a favorite amongst our students!”
Keva Miller Charlotte Performing Arts Academy

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