Seasons 2020-21 Tour
What our clients are saying
As we embark on a new year we feel more prepared than ever to safely and responsibly share our events with the world. We have received so much feedback and have learned a great deal from our fall events. Specifically in regards to COVID safety we have gained insight into what works, what doesn’t, and how to make the best event possible while keeping safety for all of our attendees of paramount importance. We wanted to share some of our clients’ experiences to help our future attendees feel confident that DanceMakers and safety go hand in hand.
DanceMakers has always exemplified a stream-lined, top notch dance weekend and this year is no exception. During this pandemic, they have implemented protocols that help tremendously with dancing during Covid-19 times. I particularly liked the studio registration packs being mailed ahead of time so the dancers had all they needed before the event began-these were easily handed out at rehearsal and the process was very smooth. Temperature checks were performed during the weekend which shows the efforts of DanceMakers to keep all involved safe for the weekend. The competition portion was smoothly set up in studio blocks and allowed our dancers to be all together which was a wonderful idea as we are all trying to be as safe as we can during such unprecedented times.
Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams Meeker

Broadway South Dance Studio

One of the things I loved the most about how DanceMakers had their program run was having all of the studios routines go back to back. In between each studio they sanitized and cleaned the stage which was wonderful for us. We really appreciated that.
You feel super safe no matter where you are with DanceMakers at their events
Brooklynee Williamson
Brooklyne Williamson

Evolution Dance Complex

I am not only a dance studio owner but I am a full time pharmacist. I had parents that were a little hesitant about going, but after they were there everyone had that sigh of relief, “okay, this is done very well”. The kids were masked up really the entire time for our city. We had no problems. We were home, nobody got sick after. This is still the high quality DanceMakers that you have known to expect, just done a little bit differently with the precautions in place.
Jaime Long

Performer's Edge

I really appreciated that we got to wear a wristband after getting our temperature checked. That way when I saw people later in the hotel just walking around, I saw them with a wristband I knew they were with DanceMakers and had their temperature checked and it felt safer, especially being in close quarters like an elevator.
Heather Stolle

Heather Stolle School of Dance

I like how everyone kept the community still. We still felt like we were cheering each other on and dancing together even though we were further apart from each other.

Heather Stolle School of Dance

I’m super thankful for DanceMakers putting the competition livestream online. I couldn’t make it but I got to watch my girls perform so, thank you!
Sara Beth Stolle

Heather Stolle School of Dance

For COVID-19 info affecting Go Be It Tour 2019-20 - (see update here)
Here at DanceMakers we know this season in life is full of unknowns, worry, helplessness, and questions. We are aware that everyone is trying to make plans for the future and with things constantly shifting it proves difficult to do so. We have had a lot of questions asking about what next tour will look like so we wanted to update you on our thoughts and plan of action.
Your health and safety is of the upmost importance to us. We have been working diligently with all of our hotels and convention centers to come up with the safest possible experience for all of our clients and also for the DanceMakers staff and faculty. We are aware that these steps may be too far for some and not far enough for others. We will continue to update our procedures as we receive more information. These procedures could change throughout the 2020-21 Tour if the Covid-19 pandemic has been resolved before your city.
Please know these changes are not long term, but only in place to assist us in bringing you the event you all know and love while being as safe as possible. We are hopeful for an extraordinary opportunity to continue a vital, inspiring experience with all the safety measures in place to guarantee the best experience possible!
General Information
DanceMakers is excited to offer a streamlined and contactless registration check-in. New this year, all studios will receive their registration kits in the mail pre-event. Our admin team will be sending each studio a tracking number and all kits will be delivered by the Wednesday before the event. If you have any changes that need to be made please send a detailed list of these to our admin team by 10am on the Thursday before your city and we will have them ready for you at our registration desk for a swift pick up process.
We ask all studios to distribute wristbands and scholarship numbers to their dancers before coming to the venue, which will significantly help with social distancing standards at venues.
We ask that all competition music is uploaded to support our contactless check in. If you need assistance, please contact our admin team prior to your event to assist.
We are working with all venues to provide larger ballroom space for convention to accommodate social distancing. In some instances, age divisions will have more than one ballroom. More info to come per city.
Mask Regulations: All attendees are required to wear a mask while in public spaces including pre-function space, convention classrooms, and competition setting. Masks while dancing will be based off the local mandates surrounding masks while exercising as dancing is an exercise. If local mandates do not require masks while dancing (exercising) DanceMakers will not require, but highly suggest wearing a mask while in our convention ballrooms and dancing.
DanceMakers will now have industry forward thermal temperature scanners at each ballroom door for additional safety measures. All attendees will be required to have their temperature taken at the door before entering the ballrooms for convention and competition. Once you have been cleared you will receive a colored wristband that is good for admittance for that day only. This wristband will gain you access to all DanceMakers activities along with your designated DanceMakers classroom wristband.
All attendees will be required to sign a Covid-19 waiver. Our admin team will be contacting all studios directly to execute this process once your registration is completed.
DanceMakers will be a cashless event including registration, merchandise and photo booth purchases.
Our official autograph session will be canceled.
We will not be issuing our complimentary DanceMakers teacher coffee mugs due to safety protocols.
DanceMakers and all venues will be continuously cleaning throughout the event to support a safe environment. This includes throughout the entire hotel, event space, registration, merchandise and photo booths in our pre-function space as well as all stages.
COVID-19 Refund Policy
DanceMakers will continue to offer our FULL refund policy for any events canceled due to the COVID-19 guidelines. All refunds for canceled events will be returned within 10-15 business days post event. If you choose to pay with a credit card, there will be a credit card processing fee of 3% deducted from your total refund. If you choose to pay with a check there will be no processing fee deducted and you will receive your full total paid. This policy will only be available if the event in its entirety is canceled.
All attendees will be required to have their temperature taken at the door before entering the ballrooms for convention. Once you have been cleared you will receive a stamp that is good for admittance for that day only. This stamp will gain you access to all DanceMakers activities along with your designated wristband.
Classroom water stations will not be provided due to safety protocols. Please come prepared.
Classrooms will be limited to registered dancers and teachers only. No observers will be allowed in the convention ballrooms in order to limit the amount of people in each room. The exception to this will be our Camp Dance classroom. We ask that each studio only have one observer in this room, but understand with this age group if that is not possible. We are planning accordingly to have larger ballrooms available.
All dancers will report directly to their classrooms on Saturday and Sunday morning. Our Warm Up and Dance Party with our faculty will be conducted in each classroom.
DanceMakers will now be offering LIVE Streaming for all competition.
All seating for competition will be based on current CDC and local guidelines in your city.
Observers for competition will be limited based on the square footage of the ballroom. We ask that you help us by limiting observers and watching your dancers only. Once the room hits the capacity the room will be closed. Please remember to check out our Live Stream.
We will be limiting backstage to dancers only.
We will be limiting the number of routines staged backstage.
We ask that all competition music is uploaded to support our contactless check in. If you need assistance, please contact our admin team prior to your event to assist.
Dancers will not be required to wear masks while performing or as they travel from dressing room to backstage, but are welcome to! They must stay with their team at all times. Our staff will be assisting with social distancing between studios. If your dancers choose to wear masks while performing there will be no point deductions.
Awards and scholarships
DanceMakers has decided there will not be in-person awards until the pandemic of Covid-19 is resolved. This does include the Wrap It Ceremony on Sunday.
All adjudication awards on Friday and Saturday following competition, as well as the Wrap It Ceremony on Sunday, will be streamed live. The live stream will be available to watch on all your mobile devices, tablets and/or computers.
DanceMakers is introducing our NEW At Home! Awards Kits! They will be available for contactless pick up on Sunday starting at 12:00 pm. These kits will include your awards from all our adjudication award ceremonies on Friday and Saturday, as well as your awards for the Wrap It Ceremony. The awards from the Wrap It Ceremony will be in a sealed envelope and we ask for these not to be opened until post Wrap It Ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Within your At Home! Awards Kit each dancer in each routine will receive a “trading card” of their adjudication award as well as any overall awards! We invite you to have an in-studio awards ceremony where you and your dancers can celebrate all of your hard work!
DanceMakers will still be offering our DanceAgain! Awards. These are our judges' favorite routines from the entire competition, nondependent on scores. These routines will have their performances from Friday or Saturday streamed live during our Wrap It Ceremony on Sunday! Be sure to tune in to the Wrap It Ceremony to see if your routine was chosen to DanceAgain!
The timing of our Wrap It Ceremony stream will be adjusted to allow dancers to pack up from the event. Please see your city’s schedule for timing!

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