Nationals 2023-24

Competition Fees & Time Limits

CategoryFeeTime Limits# Dancers
Extended Line$655:0016-24
All fees are per dancer per routine.
You may purchase up to 3 additional minutes of time for any Group, Line, Extended Line, or Production for $5 per dancer, per additional minute. Please contact home office for this adjustment. A 5 point deduction will be taken if the time limit is exceeded.

Age Divisions

Age DivisionsAge
Senior15 & Up
Teen13 - 14
Pre-Teen10 - 12
Junior7 - 9
Camp Dance3 - 6
The age of the student is their age as of Jan 1, 2024.
Age of group is determined by adding students age together and dividing by the number of dancers in the routine. Disregard decimal points.

Performance Style

BalletClassical Ballet steps using slippers or pointe shoes including Classical or Pointe
TapTap technique
JazzAny jazz technique including up tempo music and movement
LyricalLyrical technique with emphasis on the lyrics or mood of the music
ContemporaryMix of styles with emphasis on Modern Technique or Ballet or Contemporary movement
Musical TheatreAny performance utilizing the style or interpretation of Broadway, Musical Theatre or Hollywood choreography
Hip HopHip Hop or street moves
OpenCombination of any of the above styles – A routine that includes 4 or more tricks (a trick is considered any movement when dancers feet go over their head). Or Acro-Gymnastics – Novelty – Clogging – Ethnic – Pom-Poms – Ballroom.
Adjudication OnlyEntries that wish to perform for adjudication and judges critiques only. They will not be eligible for Style High Scores, DanceAgains!, and any overall awards. These routines are eligible to qualify for Nationals.
Judges may change a style if they feel it is incorrectly placed. There is no penalty for this change.

Judging Criteria

Technique40 Points
Choreography20 Points
Stage Presence20 Points
Overall Impact20 Points

General Rules & Regulations

DanceMakers will be offering live streaming for all competition, award ceremonies and the Wrap It Ceremony here on the city page.

Admission to DanceMakers competition is absolutely free! All registered attendees, as well as family and friends, are welcome to watch at no cost. Come and support your dancers!

VIP Seating will be available for teachers at competition.

All competing dancers must be registered for the full week of convention in order to participate in competition. Convention wristbands must be worn while competing. Please do not remove convention wristbands once they are secured on the wrist.

All competing dancers must have studio representation in order to participate in competition. DanceMakers does not accept independent competition registrations.

Dancers are only able to be registered and compete under one studio.

Teachers and/or professional dancers are not permitted to compete.

Teachers will be responsible for producing birth certificates to verify age, should challenges or questions arise.

There are no refunds or credits for competition fees.

Choreographers and all attendees automatically give permission to DanceMakers to use all photos and videos for advertising and publicity.

All entrances and exits must be done from stage left or right. No entrances or exits from front or back of stage.

Talking, lip syncing and singing are acceptable. Microphones are prohibited.

If a routine performing was choreographed by one of the judges, that judges score will be an average of the other two judges.

Nationals Rules & Regulations

50% of the dancers, choreography and music in the Nationals routine must be from the Regional routine.

Competition routines may only move up or down ONE category. Example, a line can move up one category to an extended line or down one category to a group. The line could not move down to a duo/trio or up to a production. The only exceptions are that a duo/trio cannot move down to a solo, and a solo cannot move up to a duo/trio.

Competition routines may not change subject from what it qualified in at Regionals.

DanceMakers will run two showrooms simultaneously if needed based off registrations. All routines will be placed specifically to avoid studio performance time conflicts. Dancers will check in with the Girl’s Dressing Room Manager 30 minutes prior to their performance time. Unfortunately you will not be allowed to perform at any other time than your assigned performance time to avoid studio performance time conflicts.

DanceMakers Atmosphere

In an effort to maintain the values of the DanceMakers atmosphere and a family competition, DanceMakers expects that all routines be age, music and costume appropriate. All of these issues are subjective. We are aware that our guidelines may be too strict for some sensibilities and not strict enough for others. There is a fine line that we take very seriously. Routines will receive an automatic third place if our judges feel a routine is inappropriate.

Entry Limitations

There are no competition limitations for our Nationals event.

Competition Music

We ask that all competition music is uploaded by the Wednesday before your event. Please log into your DanceMakers registration account to upload music by clicking "Media Manager” feature for your event. MP3 or MP4 files are accepted. Once uploaded you can preview all music! Please have a backup of your music with you on either a smartphone or USB at the event. If you need assistance, please contact our admin team prior to your event to assist.

Competition Judging Packet

In efforts to cut down on our environmental footprint, we will be uploading all scores to the studio’s online registration portal. At Nationals, all routines will receive an adjudication score only. Routines will not be receiving a judge's critique. All critiques of routines were given at our Regional events to help the dancers improve to compete at Nationals.

Photo & Video

Photography and videography during competition are strictly prohibited. Advanced technology of video on cell phones, cameras, etc has forced us to prohibit all camera use. This includes ALL still photography, with or without flash. This is to protect the rights of the choreographer as well as your children’s safety, and to make it possible for DanceMakers to offer a professional photography and video service. We have a team of professionals capturing competition and will have all photo and video available for purchase. Please check out the media here! Any violations can result in a routine and/or studio disqualification.


DanceMakers welcomes general props to our competition! However, the use of props is the sole responsibility of the studio. Studios have a total of two minutes to place and remove their props from the stage. Violation of this rule will result in a 5 point reduction. It is also the studio’s responsibility to ensure the stage is left clean and clear following their performance. Teachers, dancers and parents are more than welcome to help with props as long as the judges cannot see any studio affiliation. Please refrain from using fire or helium balloons as well as props being thrown into the judges area and/or audience. DanceMakers cannot guarantee props over 10’h will fit on the stage.

If your prop cannot fit through a single door, please reach out to to coordinate a time to get your props into the showroom. We will only have designated times available for this.

Nationals Pre-Qualifying Video Submissions

DanceMakers is offering Nationals Digital Pre-Qualifying Submissions again this year! Studios, register your solo or group routines to pre-qualify for our Nationals event in Myrtle Beach, SC. Competition fees are the same as regionals which you can find here. Each routine submitted will be critiqued and scored by our judges. All routines that score 80 or above will qualify for Nationals!

Submissions will open April 1st and payment and video uploads are due by cut off, April 26th. Results will be delivered by May 14th. All qualified routines will be available in your account to register for Nationals competition in Myrtle Beach, SC on May 15th.

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