Convention 2020-21

Ages & Fees
Group Age Fee Late Fee
Teacher 14 & Up $400 $20
Assistants 14 & Up $375 $20
Senior 14 & Up $350 $20
Teen 11 - 13 $350 $20
Junior 7 - 10 $350 $20
Camp Dance 3 - 6 $230 $20
Observer N/A $60 N/A
Camp Dance Observer N/A $35 N/A
All ages for convention and competition are as of January 1, 2021. The above age levels are guidelines to our DanceMakers convention experience. Each dancer will be issued a wristband that reflects their assigned ballroom for class and gives them access to that room only. Teachers are more than welcome to move dancers to a different age category for convention. This can be done online during the registration process or on-site. If done on-site, the wristband must be presented at registration by a registered teacher.
One day and college rates are available. Please contact the DanceMakers home office for more info. NOTE – Dancers that are registered in the competition must be registered for the full week and are not eligible for these discounts.
Registration Details

Registration for Nationals will open May 12, 2021. You will be able to register for convention and qualified competition routines from this day until the cut off. Cut off date is May 21, 2021.

Registrations must be completed via our online registration system and should be received by event’s cut off date to avoid late fees.

After the registration process is completed you will receive a basic confirmation email confirming we have received your registration.

10 days before the event all of the detailed information for the event will be released on our website, via email to studio email address on account and via mail to studio’s physical address on account.

Upon arrival at the event, Studio Owners/Directors are welcome to check in with registration in order to pick up the packet of information, wristbands, scholarship numbers, etc.

When submitting a registration, the studio is stating that during the event DanceMakers Inc will not be held responsible for any loss of property and/or injury.

Dancers are not required to compete to participate in convention.

All dancers are required to be registered for the full convention in order to participate in competition.

Independent registrations will be accepted for convention only. These dancers are not eligible to compete.

Dancers that attend a studio, but are attending DanceMakers without the studio must have the studio complete their registration under the studio account prior to the event.

Payment Information Details

Registration and payment must be received before attending event’s cut off date to avoid late fees. Cut off dates for all events are available on your event’s details page. If registration is received after the cut off date, there will be a $20 late fee applied to each attendee. If payment is received after the cut off date, there will be a flat $100 late fee applied to the registration.

Checks are accepted for payments made by cut off date and made payable to DanceMakers Inc., PO BOX 1586, Laguna Beach, CA 92652. All payments post the cut off date (pre-event or on site) must be done by cash, credit card, cashier’s check or money order.

There are no refunds. Studio credits are available at the discretion of DanceMakers Inc.

Promo & Discount Information

Information below is subject to change due to COVID-19.

Teacher Discounts

There is a $40 credit for each paid student toward teacher registration at each attending city, which equals 1 FREE teacher for every 10 paid students.


Host Hotel Room Block Promo – DanceMakers has made arrangements with the host hotel to give one free $60.00 observer wristband for each room that is reserved in the DanceMakers room block. In order to be eligible for this promotion, the room reservation must be under the official DanceMakers room block. This does not include rooms booked through other promotions or discounts such as AAA, military, Priceline, hotel loyal points, etc.

Our host hotel room blocks do sell out. Be sure to book your room early to ensure the complimentary wristband. The promotion does not extend to suggested or overflow hotels. It is solely valid for our host hotel room block.

Free wristbands are picked up on site at registration and/or the designated observer wristband table during the designated hours. Please be prepared to show your hotel confirmation that has your confirmation number and room rate.

Camp Dance Complimentary Observer Band – Each Camp Dance dancer registered for the event will receive one complimentary Camp Dance observer band. This will be included in the studio packet picked up on site. This band gives access to only the Camp Dance classroom.

Basic Information
Event Information

In order to participate and/or watch DanceMakers convention classes all attendees must have a wristband (teacher/dancer/observer). Competition is open to anyone who would like to watch! No wristband required.

Wristbands for entry into ballroom must be worn throughout the convention and competition. Please do not remove wristband. If replacement wristband is needed, the old wristband must be presented at registration.

During the convention setting there are no oversized dance bags or luggage allowed in the ballroom. Keep all belongings as far back against the walls as possible. This is to ensure that all the dancers have plenty of space.

All dancers must wear cover-up and shoes when outside the ballroom area. No tap shoes or bare feet outside ballrooms.

Please be respectful of other guests in hotel and public spaces.

Choreographers and all attendees automatically give their permission to DanceMakers to use all photos and videos from convention and/or competition for advertising, publicity, and professional use.

Photo and video during convention are allowed. Please remember to be respectful of the class.

Teacher Information

Teachers are more than welcome to observe and/or participate in all ballrooms. When dancing in student classrooms, we ask you dance to the side or in the back of the room behind the student dancers.

Teachers are not eligible to participate in competition.

All teachers have access to the teacher’s lounge for the entire week of Nationals! The teacher’s lounge is a private ballroom for all teachers to have a “break area” to relax. Breakfast and lunch will be provided complimentary in the lounge Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (breakfast only on Thursday). There will be coffee available all day in the teacher’s lounge as well! This is not open to assistant teachers.

All teacher benefits are for Teachers only, not Assistant Teachers and/or Observers.

Assistant Teacher Information

Assistant Teachers are more than welcome to observe and/or participate in all ballrooms. When dancing in the younger student classrooms, we ask you dance to the side or in the back of the room behind the student dancers. This is not applied in the Senior classroom.

Assistant Teachers are more than welcome to participate in competition as well as the Senior Audition Class.

Observer Information

Observer may register if attending with a convention/competition participant. They will have access to watch all classes (including audition classes) except the teacher’s classes.

Please remember to be respectful to the dancers taking class as well as the choreographers and take all discussions and phones outside the ballroom. Any disruptive observer may be asked to leave the ballroom upon the discretion of DanceMakers.

Camp Dance Observers only have access to the Camp Dance classroom.

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