Indianapolis, IN

Jan. 14 - 16, 2022

Dates & Limitations

Registration Cutoff
Competition Limitations
There are no competition limitations for total routines. All soloists are limited to one solo per dancer.
Schedule Release Date
1/5/22 by 5pm EST

Studio Registration Kit

Registration Kits
Your kit will include scholarship numbers, wristbands, your teacher handbook, and a complimentary program. Registrations with 7 or more dancers registered will receive their registration kits in the mail pre-event. These kits will be delivered by the Wednesday before the event. For studio and independent registrations with 6 dancers or less, we will have your registration kit available on site for pick up at registration. If you have 6 dancers or less registered and would like your registration kit shipped, there will be a $20 shipping and handling fee applied. If you have any changes that need to be made please send a detailed list of these to our admin team by 10am on the Thursday before your city and we will have them ready for you at our registration desk for a swift pick up process.
DanceMakers Coffee Mugs
It’s back, coffee on US! All registered teachers can pick up their complimentary DM coffee mug that will get you free refills of either hot coffee or tea at the host venue’s registered coffee shop! These can be picked up anytime during Registration’s posted hours.
You will receive a complimentary competition program in your registration kit. Additional programs are for sale at the Merchandise Booth.
Your registration kit includes all of your pre-registered attendees wristbands. All wristbands must be secured on the wrist with only a finger space between the wristband and the wrist. Loose wristbands may be cutoff by door guards. Wristbands must be kept on for both days of the convention. No one will be allowed into classrooms without a wristband. Additional wristbands may be available for sale at Registration, depending on availability. Please contact us prior to confirm availability in ballrooms.
Wristband Level Changes
Level changes can only be made if there is availability in the room. Please contact the home office for availability in rooms. If the space is available on site, all changes must be done at registration with a registered teacher from your studio.
Scholarship Numbers
Your registration kit includes scholarship numbers for all of your pre-registered attendees (excluding teachers). There are two copies of this scholarship within your packet. The second copy is not for Sunday, but a back up for if the attendee loses their first copy. DanceMakers will not be reprinting any scholarship numbers onsite. The scholarship number should be pinned on their clothing so that the number is visible. All scholarships are picked throughout the weekend by our faculty members in all age levels. Remember, the number must be visible to our faculty to be eligible.
All registered attendees are required to sign our waiver prior to attending.

Convention and Competition

DanceMakers will no longer allow observers in the convention ballrooms. Only registered dancers and teachers will have access to the classrooms. The exception to this will be our Camp Dance classroom. You will receive 1 Camp Dance Observer Band per registered Camp Dance dancer in your studio registration kit. We ask that each studio only have one observer in this room, but understand with this age group if that is not possible.
Mask Regulations
DanceMakers will follow the venue’s guidelines regarding mask regulations. If there is a mask mandate in place for your event, all studios will be notified.
Convention Tap Boards (NEW)
New this year, DanceMakers is excited to have convention tap boards available for dancers! DanceMakers will be providing tap boards in each of our tap convention classes!
Senior Audition Performance
If your dancers are selected as finalists from the senior audition class, they must have an all black outfit for Sunday’s performance.  This will be their costuming for the performance during the Wrap It Ceremony. This can be a black bra top, form fitting top, or leotard paired with black booty shorts or leggings. For the men, they must also be in all black. This can be a black t-shirt or tank top along with black shorts or pants. The dancers selected will perform barefoot so no shoes are required. We want this piece to have a clean and classic look! Since this is a performance, be sure to style your hair so that is neat and out of your face.
Photography/Video for Competition
Photography and videography during competition are strictly prohibited. Advanced technology of video on cell phones, cameras, etc has forced us to prohibit all camera use. This includes ALL still photography, with or without flash. This is to protect the rights of the choreographer as well as your children’s safety. Any violations can result in routine and/or studio being disqualified.
Competition Music
We ask that all competition music is uploaded by the Wednesday before your event. Please log into your DanceMakers registration account to upload music by clicking “Media Manager” feature for your event. MP3 or MP4 files are accepted. Once uploaded you can preview all music! If you need assistance, please contact our admin team prior to your event to assist. Please have a backup of your music with you on either a smartphone or USB at the event.
Prop storage is limited this season. It is preferred that props are brought backstage with the dancers before their performance. If prop storage is needed please contact registration for assistance. The use of props is the sole responsibility of the studio. Props must be placed and removed from the stage within 2 minutes combined by the studio. Violation of this rule will result in a 5 point reduction. This time limit includes clean up or sweeping time including confetti/glitter/feathers etc. Stage must be left clean by performers. No studio logos are allowed while on stage helping with props. Any obvious studio affiliation will result in a 5 point reduction. Teachers, parents, or students may assist with props. No props or costume pieces to be thrown into judges area. DanceMakers cannot guarantee props over 8’h will fit on the stage.
Live Stream
DanceMakers will be offering LIVE Streaming for all competition and the Wrap It Ceremony here on each city page.

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