Nashville, TN

Nov. 24 - 26, 2023

Solo Winners

Camp Dance 2nd Runner Up
Hazel Duncan
The Dance Company
Camp Dance 1st Runner Up
When I Grow Up
Lena Elvington
K-O Dance Studio
Camp Dance High Score
Barbie Girl
Kieryn Edwards
K-O Dance Studio
Junior 9th Runner Up
Annora Nail
The Dance Company
Junior 8th Runner Up
Journey Cummins
The Dance Company
Junior 7th Runner Up
Anti Hero
Margot Jane Archer
Fusion Dance Project
Junior 6th Runner Up
Emme Dominguez
Ann Carroll School of Dance
Junior 5th Runner Up
Swayze Carpenter
The Dance Company
Junior 4th Runner Up
One Moment In Time
Emi Rae Richard
Sloan's Dance Studio
Junior 3rd Runner Up
Every Heart
Kennedi Barron
The Dance Company
Junior 2nd Runner Up
Presley Duncan
The Dance Company
Junior 1st Runner Up
About That Walk
Harlin Davis
valley dance theatre
Junior High Score
Calla Massey
The Green Room Dance Studio
Pre-Teen 9th Runner Up
Bonjour Paris
Lexi Bosar
Dancers Corner
Pre-Teen 8th Runner Up
Lydia Stombaugh
Releve' Dance Academy
Pre-Teen 7th Runner Up
Je Suis Malade
Kamzy Johnson
Elite Dance Center
Pre-Teen 6th Runner Up
Mack The Knife
Jack Walton
DC Dance Factory
Pre-Teen 5th Runner Up
Dust in the Wind
Annslee Bird
The Dance Company
Pre-Teen 4th Runner Up
Corinne Larson
No Limits Dance Company
Pre-Teen 3rd Runner Up
I Surrender
Faith Michaud
Dance Express
Pre-Teen 2nd Runner Up
Big Time
Avery Payne
Dancers Corner
Pre-Teen 1st Runner Up
Conditions of the Universe
Aria Pape
Art In Motion Dance Studio
Pre-Teen High Score
It Was Lost
Emory Pettit
The Dance Company
Teen 9th Runner Up
Depth Of Mercy
Bella Henson
Center Stage Dance Academy
Teen 8th Runner Up
The Winner Takes It All
Camryn Clifton
Smartt Steps
Teen 7th Runner Up
It's All Coming Back To Me Now
Jaycee Orr
Dance Express
Teen 6th Runner Up
Sasha Haynes
Dance Express & Tumbling
Teen 5th Runner Up
I Feel Good
Alyssa Rondeau
Tippy Toes School of Dance
Teen 4th Runner Up
Tya Tyler
Teen 3rd Runner Up
Allie Nolen
Kelly And Company Studios
Teen 2nd Runner Up
Kaylee Schwamb
Kane & Co. Dance Productions
Teen 1st Runner Up
Carter Lewis
Upstate Carolina Dance Center
Teen High Score
With You All The Time
Makayla An
Turning Pointe Dance Academy
Senior 9th Runner Up
The World We Knew
Kate Johnson
The Dance Company, Inc.
Senior 8th Runner Up
Does Not Suffice
Maggie Rayburn
The Dance Company, Inc.
Senior 7th Runner Up
Take to the Sky
Ava Grace Long
The Dance Company, Inc.
Senior 6th Runner Up
It's A Look
Elizabeth Seabrook
Fusion Dance Project
Senior 5th Runner Up
English Smith
The Hargest Academy of Performing Arts
Senior 4th Runner Up
Ava Schnell
Jackson Dance Company
Senior 3rd Runner Up
New Magic Wand
Evie Bogart
Dancers Corner
Senior 2nd Runner Up
In The Margins
Jordan Lewis
The Dance Company, Inc.
Senior 1st Runner Up
I'll Be With You
Laney Stefanyak
Rapture Dance Company
Senior High Score
Cry For Me
Lawsen Hooker
Tiffany's Performing Arts Studio

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