San Antonio, TX

Oct. 29 - 31, 2021

Friday Schedule

1 PM
Lobby and Dressing Rooms Open
1 - 5 PM
Registrations with 7 or more dancers received their registration kits in the mail pre-event. For studios and independent registrations with 6 dancers or less, we will have your registration kit available at registration for pick up! Registration is available if you have any last minute changes, questions or concerns. Registered teachers are able to pick up their coffee mug anytime during these hours!
1:45 PM
Competition Doors Open
2 - 9:30 PM
Solo Competition
#1 - 143 - Solo Competition - Be sure to check out our LIVE stream of competition!
Solo Awards
Solo Awards - All solos will receive their Solo Participation Award following their performance and their adjudication score will be uploaded on your registration online portal by Sunday at 9 am. All Overall Awards will be presented Sunday at the Wrap It Ceremony.

Friday Bonus

7 - 8 PM
Independence 5-8
Junior/Teen - Valerie Tap
8 - 9 PM
Independence 5-8
Teen/Senior - Justin Contemporary

Competition Rooms

Hill Country Ballroom (Senior Room)
Friday Girl’s Dressing Room
Independence 1-4 (Junior Room)
Saturday Girl’s Dressing Room
Independence 1-4 and Independence 5-8 (Junior and Teen Room Combined)
Boy’s Dressing Room
Bandera (Teacher/Camp Dance Room)

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